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Yemeni port says first ship in weeks arrives, Saudi denies hampering aid by sea


DUBAI - Officials at Yemen's Red Sea port of Hodeidah said the first ship to dock there in three weeks arrived on Tuesday, carrying desperately needed fuel, as Saudi Arabia denied it was obstructing aid supplies heading for Yemen by sea.

UK's Cameron to press Saudi Arabia over Briton facing 350 lashes

LONDON - British Prime Minister David Cameron will intervene in the case of an elderly Briton facing 350 lashes in Saudi Arabia after being caught with homemade wine - a punishment which his family said could kill him.

World, 9:02am EDT

Saudis tell Russia its actions in Syria will have 'dangerous consequences'

DUBAI - Moscow's military intervention in Syria will have "dangerous consequences", escalating sectarian war there and inspiring militants from around the world to join in, senior Saudi Arabian officials told Russia's leaders on Sunday, a Saudi source said.

World, Syria 12 Oct 2015

Russia's Putin, Saudi defense minister agree to cooperate in Syria

SOCHI, Russia - Russian President Vladimir Putin met Saudi Arabia's defense minister on Sunday, in Moscow's biggest attempt so far to reach out to enemies of Syria's President Bashar al-Assad since Russia joined the conflict with air strikes.

World, Russia, Syria 11 Oct 2015

France to agree aerospace deals with Saudi Arabia: sources

PARIS - France and Saudi Arabia are to agree big aerospace contracts when French Prime Minister Manuel Valls visits the kingdom on Tuesday, sources close to the matter said on Sunday.

World, France, 11 Oct 2015

Saudi Arabia protests over Czech 'Satanic Verses' 27 years after uproar

ABU DHABI - Saudi Arabia summoned the Czech ambassador to protest against a new translation of Salman Rushdie's book "Satanic Verses", Saudi state media said on Friday, 27 years after the novel triggered mass demonstrations and a death threat against the author.

World, Entertainment 09 Oct 2015

Syrian rebels call for regional alliance against Russia and Iran

BEIRUT - More than 40 Syrian insurgent groups including the powerful Islamist faction Ahrar al-Sham have called on regional states to forge an alliance against Russia and Iran in Syria, accusing Moscow of occupying the country and targeting civilians.

World, Russia, Turkey, Syria 05 Oct 2015

Saudi opposition clerics make sectarian call to jihad in Syria

RIYADH - Dozens of Islamist Saudi Arabian clerics have called on Arab and Muslim countries to "give all moral, material, political and military" support to what they term a jihad, or holy war, against Syria's government and its Iranian and Russian backers.

World, Syria 05 Oct 2015

Saudi Arabia says one Syrian, one Filipino arrested in illegal bomb factory raid

RIYADH - Saudi Arabian security forces arrested a Syrian man accused of plotting attacks and his Filipino accomplice in a raid on an illegal explosives factory in Riyadh, the interior ministry said on Saturday, according to state news agency SPA.

World, Syria 03 Oct 2015

Saudi Arabia signals easing of tension with Islamist cleric

DUBAI - The spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood attended a ceremony organized by Saudi Arabia in Qatar on Friday, signaling an easing of Riyadh's hostility toward the Islamist movement.

World, 02 Oct 2015

Flight MH17 shot down by Russian-built Buk missile, Dutch report says

GILZE-RIJEN, Netherlands - Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down over eastern Ukraine by a Russian-made Buk missile, the Dutch Safety Board concluded on Tuesday in its final report on the crash in July 2014 that killed all 298 people on board, most of them Dutch. | Video