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U.S.-backed Syrian groups take Raqqa district from Islamic State


BEIRUT A U.S.-backed Syrian coalition of Kurdish and Arab groups advanced against Islamic State in the jihadists' Syrian capital of Raqqa on Sunday, taking the al-Qadisia district, they said.

Syria's more confident Assad gives Eid prayers in Hama

BEIRUT Syrian President Bashar al-Assad delivered prayers for Islam's Eid al-Fitr holiday in Hama on Sunday, the furthest he has traveled inside Syria in years, showing his growing confidence.

World, 3:34pm EDT

Erdogan dismisses pledges over weapons for Kurds in Syria

ISTANBUL Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Sunday countries which promised to get back weapons supplied to Kurdish YPG fighters in northern Syria were trying to trick Turkey and would eventually realize their mistake.

World, Turkey, 11:36am EDT

Car bomb in Syria's Idlib province kills 10: war monitor

BEIRUT A car bomb killed 10 people in Syria's rebel-held Idlib province on Saturday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based war monitor, reported on Sunday.

World, United Nations, 7:33am EDT

Syria says Israel strike kills civilians

BEURUT Israel said on Saturday it had targeted Syrian military installations after shells landed in the occupied Golan Heights but a Syrian military source said the Israeli strikes killed some civilians. 

World, Israel Jun 24 2017

Amnesty for militants in Syria's Raqqa aims to promote stability

AIN ISSA, Syria A civil council expected to rule Raqqa once Islamic State is dislodged from the Syrian city pardoned 83 of the jihadist group's low-ranking militants on Saturday, a goodwill gesture designed to promote stability.

World, Jun 24 2017

Syrian government says frees 672 prisoners

BEIRUT Syria's government said on Saturday it released 672 prisoners who had promised to accept the state's authority, a move it said was aimed at bolstering a "reconciliation" process.

World, United Nations, Jun 24 2017

Damascus-allied militia advances into Deir al-Zor province: Syrian Observatory

BEIRUT An Iraqi Shi'ite militia fighting alongside Syrian government forces against Islamic State advanced into Syria's eastern Deir al-Zor province on Friday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group reported.

World, Iraq Jun 23 2017

Hezbollah says future Israel war could draw fighters from Iran, Iraq, elsewhere

BEIRUT Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said on Friday that a future war waged by Israel against Syria or Lebanon could draw thousands of fighters from countries including Iran and Iraq.

World, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon Jun 23 2017

Iftar celebrations amid the Douma ruins

DOUMA, Syria Against a backdrop of crumbling buildings in the rebel-held Douma district east of Damascus, hungry Syrians sat down together on the rubble-strewn streets to break fast with a free Ramadan meal.

World, Jun 23 2017

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U.S. warplane downs Syrian army jet in Raqqa

A U.S. warplane shoots down a Syrian army jet in the southern Raqqa countryside in the first such incident since the start of the conflict in 2011. Grace Lee reports.