Tunisia lifts state of emergency imposed after beach attack


TUNIS - Tunisia has lifted a state of emergency imposed shortly after an Islamist militant attack in June this year on a beach resort, the presidency said on Friday.

Tunisian troops block car bombs crossing Libyan border

TUNIS - Tunisian troops stopped two bomb-laden cars crossing from Libya and seized arms and documents bearing the symbol of Islamic State, as security tightened following two major attacks this year, the government said on Thursday.

World, Libya 01 Oct 2015

Million fewer tourists visit Tunisia this year after Islamist attacks

TUNIS - The number of foreign tourists in Tunisia dropped by 20 percent to four million in the first eight months of the year after two Islamist attacks that killed dozens of Western visitors, the tourism minister said on Monday.

World, 21 Sep 2015

Tunisians protest economic amnesty bill

TUNIS - Hundreds of Tunisians marched in the capital Tunis on Saturday to protest a proposed law giving amnesty to businessmen accused of corruption during the rule of ousted autocrat Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali.

World, 12 Sep 2015

Tunisia warns of car bomb plot in Tunis, imposes traffic bans: state news

TUNIS - Tunisian authorities warned of possible car bombings in the capital Tunis and banned traffic in parts of the city after receiving intelligence reports about potential attacks, the state news agency TAP said on Sunday.

World, 06 Sep 2015

Western-backed Syrian rebels say kill foreign Islamic State fighters in undercover strike

AMMAN - A group of Western-backed Syrian insurgents said on Tuesday they had killed three foreign fighters -- two Saudis and a Tunisian -- with the Islamic State group in an undercover raid into an area under the control of the ultra-radical militants.

World, Syria 01 Sep 2015

European court ruling shows risk of rushed migrant repatriation

BRUSSELS - A ruling by human rights judges against Italy on Monday over the deportation of three Tunisians in 2011 highlights the risks of streamlining repatriation as European authorities propose just that to help cope with an influx from Africa, Syria and Iraq.

World, Italy 01 Sep 2015

Militants attack Tunisian customs officers near Algerian border, one killed

Tunis - Islamist militant gunmen opened fire on a Tunisian customs team near the Algerian border, killing one customs agent and wounding three more, the government said on Monday. The attack on a customs vehicle late on Sunday was in a remote mountain area near Bouchbka, in central Kasserine province, where Islamist militants belonging to Okba Ibn Nafaa, an al Qaeda-linked group, have often attacked police, army and local officials.

World, 24 Aug 2015

Tunisia allows Libyan flights after six-month shutdown

TUNIS - Tunisia said it would reopen its airspace to flights to and from Libya on Tuesday as safety standards in its neighbor's airports had improved.

World, Libya 18 Aug 2015

Tunisia says arrests 12 trying to enter Libya

TUNIS - Tunisia has arrested 12 people, one of them a woman, who were trying to cross into lawless Libya to join a "terrorist group", the interior ministry said.

World, Libya 08 Aug 2015