Tunisia's Essebsi's party says he's ahead in presidential vote count


TUNIS - Tunisian presidential candidate Beji Caid Essebsi's campaign manager told reporters he was ahead in Sunday's election by at least 10 points, according to his own party's initial results.

Jihadi wave tests Tunisia's young democracy

SOUSSE Tunisia - Tunisians were used to seeing Nidhal Selmi belting around a stadium, proudly sporting his country's red and white colors as a defender on the national football squad.

World, 21 Nov 2014

Four Tunisian soldiers killed in suspected Islamist attack

TUNIS - Four Tunisian soldiers were killed and 11 others were wounded on Wednesday in an attack by suspected Islamist militants on a bus carrying soldiers in Kef near the Algerian border, the Defense Ministry said.

World, Syria 05 Nov 2014

Tunisia's Islamists down but not out after election defeat

TUNIS - After Tunisia's Islamist party Ennahda conceded defeat in Sunday's parliamentary elections, there were no fireworks, concerts or cheering rallies outside the headquarters of its rival, the secular Nidaa Tounes alliance.

World, 30 Oct 2014

Tunisia's main secular party wins most seats: authorities

TUNIS - Tunisia's main secular party Nidaa Tounes won 85 seats in the new 217-member parliament in Sunday's election, while the Islamist party Ennahda secured 69 seats, according to results released by electoral authorities on Thursday.

World, 29 Oct 2014

Tunisian Islamists concede election defeat to secular party

TUNIS - Tunisia's Ennahda party, the first Islamist movement to secure power after the 2011 "Arab Spring" revolts, conceded defeat on Monday in elections that are set to make its main secular rival the strongest force in parliament.

World, 27 Oct 2014

Assad's warnings start to ring true in Turkey

BEIRUT - When Sunni rebels rose up against Syria's Bashar al-Assad in 2011, Turkey reclassified its protégé as a pariah, expecting him to lose power within months and join the autocrats of Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Yemen on the scrap heap of the "Arab Spring".

World, Turkey, Egypt, Libya, Syria 27 Oct 2014

Tunisians elect new parliament to consolidate young democracy

TUNIS - Tunisians elected a new parliament on Sunday bringing full democracy within their reach almost four years after an uprising cast out autocrat Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali and inspired the "Arab Spring" revolts.

World, 26 Oct 2014

Tunisians vote for new parliament, hope for full democracy

TUNIS - Tunisians elect a new parliament on Sunday as the prospect of a full democracy finally comes within their reach, four years after they cast out autocrat Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali.

World, 25 Oct 2014

In rural Tunisia, economic malaise weighs on voters

KASSERINE Tunisia - In the western Tunisian city of Kasserine, campaign posters plastered on walls make plain what many voters want from Sunday's parliamentary election -- jobs, whose scarcity has fueled unrest and militancy. | Video

World, 25 Oct 2014