U.S. pulls plug on Syria rebel training effort; will focus on weapons supply


LONDON - The United States will largely abandon its failed efforts to train moderate Syrian rebels fighting Islamic State, and instead provide arms and equipment directly to rebel leaders and their units on the battlefield, the Obama administration said on Friday. | Video

Turkey urges NATO to keep up its Patriot defenses

BRUSSELS - Turkey urged its NATO allies on Thursday to keep up missile defenses along its Syrian border, after Germany and the United States said they would press on with plans to withdraw Patriot batteries despite worries about Russian actions in the area.

Pro-Kurdish party hopeful of PKK ceasefire as Turkish election nears

ANKARA/ISTANBUL - Turkey's pro-Kurdish opposition said on Thursday it hoped Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militants would announce a halt to hostilities soon to ease security concerns ahead of a Nov. 1 parliamentary election.

World, 08 Oct 2015

Turkey bans TV channels close to Erdogan foe ahead of polls

ANKARA - A state prosecutor has banned Turkey's largest pay-TV platform from broadcasting channels close to an arch-enemy of President Tayyip Erdogan, heightening concern about press freedom weeks ahead of an election.

World, 08 Oct 2015

Turkey's Erdogan warns Russia on nuclear project, natural gas: papers

ISTANBUL - Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan told Russia there were other places Turkey could get natural gas and other countries that could build its first nuclear plant, in the wake of Russian incursions into Turkish air space during its air campaign in Syria.

World, Russia, Nuclear Power 08 Oct 2015

Merkel says still against Turkey joining the EU

BERLIN - German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Wednesday that Turkey's help was needed to stem the flow of refugees to Europe but that this hadn't changed her view that Ankara should not become a member of the European Union.

World, 07 Oct 2015

After Syria coordination talks with Israel, Russia beckons to Turkey, U.S

JERUSALEM - Russia ended high-level military talks with Israel on Wednesday with a call on other countries, including a suspicious United States and aggrieved Turkey, to coordinate operations in Syria.

World, Russia, Syria, Israel 07 Oct 2015

Furious but powerless, Turkey left smarting by Russian action in Syria

ANKARA - Turkey may be furious about Russian incursions into its air space but beyond words of protest there is little it can do, with its dependence on Russian energy and trade keeping its hands tied, and its own Syria policy in disarray.

World, Russia, 07 Oct 2015

Turkish PM says Russian air strikes weakening fight against Islamic State

ISTANBUL - Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said on Wednesday that Russian air strikes in Syria were weakening the fight against Islamic State and warned that Turkey would not compromise on border security after Russian warplanes violated its air space.

World, Russia, Syria 07 Oct 2015

NATO rejects Russia explanation on Turkish air space

BRUSSELS/BEIRUT - NATO on Tuesday rejected Moscow's explanation that its warplanes had violated alliance member Turkey's air space by mistake and said Russia was sending more ground troops to Syria and building up its naval presence. | Video

World, Russia, Syria 06 Oct 2015

Bombs kill 86 at pro-Kurdish rally in Turkish capital

ANKARA - At least 86 people were killed when two suspected suicide bombers struck a rally of pro-Kurdish and labor activists outside Ankara's main train station just weeks before elections, in the worst attack of its kind on Turkish soil. | Video