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Leaders of Venezuela's bruised opposition to travel abroad to denounce 'voting fraud'


CARACAS Key members of Venezuela's opposition, divided and dispirited after losing gubernatorial elections over the weekend, will travel abroad to denounce what it says is a "fraudulent" voting system under leftist President Nicolas Maduro.

Exiled Venezuelan opposition magistrates resurface in Chile

SANTIAGO A group of opposition-appointed Venezuelan judges arrived on Thursday in Chile as exiles after more than two months holed up at the Chilean ambassador's residence in Caracas to avoid arrest in the crisis-hit country.

Oct 19 2017

Venezuela's deteriorating oil quality riles major refiners

CARACAS/HOUSTON Venezuela's state-run oil firm, PDVSA, is increasingly delivering poor quality crude oil to major refiners in the United States, India and China, causing repeated complaints, canceled orders and demands for discounts, according to internal PDVSA documents and interviews with a dozen oil executives, workers, traders and inspectors.

Oct 19 2017

Russia's Rosneft says ready to discuss Citgo collateral swap

VERONA, Italy Russian oil major Rosneft will consider proposals to replace a stake in U.S.-based refiner Citgo it holds as collateral for a 2016 loan to Venezuela with another asset, CEO Igor Sechin said on Thursday.

Oct 19 2017

Spain summons Venezuela Ambassador after Maduro's Catalonia comments

MADRID Spain has summoned the Venezuela ambassador in Madrid to explain comments made by the Latin American country's President Nicolas Maduro on the situation in Catalonia, the Spanish foreign ministry said on Wednesday.

Oct 18 2017

Venezuela opposition refuses swearing in, small protest breaks out

CARACAS/PUERTO ORDAZ, Venezuela Venezuela's opposition refused on Wednesday to swear in newly-elected governors before a pro-government legislative superbody it deems unconstitutional, as a small protest broke out in southern Bolivar state over fraud allegations.

Oct 18 2017

Venezuela's Maduro defends disputed vote, opposition divided

CARACAS President Nicolas Maduro defended Venezuela's "secure" election system on Tuesday as opponents struggled to present a united front over allegations of fraud in a nationwide vote surprisingly won by the ruling socialists.

Oct 17 2017

Venezuela vote dispute escalates foreign sanctions threat

CARACAS Venezuela's opposition cried foul on Monday over the ruling socialists' win in gubernatorial elections, raising the threat of more foreign sanctions following the vote in what the United States called "an authoritarian dictatorship." | Video

Oct 16 2017

U.S. condemns Venezuelan elections as neither free nor fair

WASHINGTON The United States on Monday condemned Venezuela's weekend gubernatorial elections as neither free nor fair and vowed to use its economic and diplomatic power to support Venezuelans in restoring democracy in the oil-exporting nation.

Oct 16 2017

Opposition challenges Venezuelan socialists' vote win, urges protests

CARACAS Venezuela's opposition coalition refused to recognize the results of Sunday's gubernatorial elections where the ruling socialists won a surprise majority, raising the specter of more political turmoil in the oil-rich nation.

Oct 16 2017