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Venezuelan schoolchildren express hunger in drawings


CARACAS When children at a Catholic-run school in a poor neighborhood of Venezuela's Caracas capital began fainting from hunger, teachers asked them to draw or describe their most recent meals and what they expected to eat next.

Venezuela first lady's nephews confessed to drug scheme, U.S. says

NEW YORK Two nephews of Venezuela's first lady, who face charges of conspiring to import cocaine into the United States, confessed to U.S. agents after being arrested in November to being involved in the drug scheme, newly-filed court records state.

Jul 24 2016

Venezuela opposition leader Lopez awaits appeal verdict

CARACAS An appeal hearing into Venezuela's most prominent jailed opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez ended on Saturday, with he and supporters saying the nearly 14-year sentence for inciting violence should be immediately overturned.

Jul 23 2016

Vatican invited to mediate in Venezuela crisis

CARACAS The Roman Catholic Church may soon join Ibero-American leaders seeking dialogue between Venezuela's feuding government and opposition, the head of a regional bloc said on Thursday.

Jul 21 2016

Venezuela top court says central bank can borrow without Congress approval

CARACAS Venezuela's top court has ruled that the country's central bank does not need congressional approval to seek a loan from a multilateral agency to shore up the OPEC nation's flagging international reserves.

Jul 21 2016

Halliburton reports $148 million loss from Venezuela operations

CARACAS Oil services provider Halliburton Co on Wednesday reported a $148 million loss as a result of accepting a promissory note in exchange for unpaid invoices linked to Venezuela operations.

Jul 20 2016

Venezuela opposition says hurdle cleared in push for Maduro recall

CARACAS Venezuelan opposition leaders said on Tuesday they had cleared another hurdle in their push for a referendum to recall President Nicolas Maduro this year with the election board's validation of an initial signature drive.

Jul 19 2016

Colombia to halt temporary border openings for Venezuela shoppers

BOGOTA Colombia wants a permanent opening of its border with Venezuela and will not allow further temporary crossings, the foreign minister said, after tens of thousands of Venezuelans streamed in during the weekend to buy items scarce in their own country.

Jul 19 2016

Vehicle output in crisis-hit Venezuela less than 10 a day

CARACAS Vehicle production in recession-hit Venezuela has plunged 86 percent in the first half to less than 10 units a day, national automakers organization Cavenez said on Monday.

Jul 18 2016

Venezuelan retirees abroad left high and dry as payments peter out

SANTIAGO Thousands of elderly people in Latin America, Spain, and elsewhere who are dependent on a Venezuelan state pension have been forced to find other ways to survive after payments stopped last year, some of those affected told Reuters.

Jul 18 2016