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A renovation to get fans off the couch and into seats

Mar 23 2017

The Chief Operating Officer of Indian Wells Tennis Garden Steve Birdwell discusses the site's renovation and its purpose. The California facility hosts the BNP Paribas Open each March. Plus, our take on the impact of the World Baseball Classic and a look at the impact of this year's NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament.

Thriving without Kevin Durant

Mar 17 2017

Oklahoma City Thunder Senior Vice President Brian Byrnes on how the organization has persevered and succeeded after losing its star player to free agency. He also discusses how technology has changed the relationship between the team and ticket holders. Plus, a look at the money flowing through  the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

NASCAR’s drive to attract younger fans

Mar 17 2017

Phoenix International Raceway President Bryan Sperber discusses the moves the sport is making to draw younger fans. He also talks about the nearly $200 million dollars parent company International Speedway Corporation is spending to enhance the experience for fans at the Arizona facility. Plus, how UK and U.S. sports leagues are following each other’s lead when it comes to sponsorship deals.

Streaming sports success as NeuLion roars

Mar 17 2017

Co-Founder of digital video broadcasting company NeuLion Chris Wagner discusses its growth and work with the NFL and other sports leagues. He also talks about the latest efforts to make money from the viewing audience. Plus.. a discussion of how Snap and other tech companies may play a bigger role in providing sports coverage and the continued growth of Major League Soccer.

The rise of women’s sports

Mar 10 2017

Former WNBA President Val Ackerman on the growing role of women in sports from dedicated leagues in the U.S. to increased participation in the Olympics. The commissioner of the Big East Conference also discusses her current role, including the challenges of working in the sports business.

The NBA's close relationship with sponsors

Feb 16 2017

How the National Basketball Association continues to integrate advertisers into the game. We discuss its effort to put corporate logos on jerseys and the name of one sponsor in the title of its development league. Plus how the for-profit Grand Canyon University is trying to develop a top-notch athletic program to help raise its profile.

How to create the Super Bowl experience

Feb 10 2017

NFL Senior Vice President of Events Peter O’Reilly on what it takes to plan and pull off a successful Super Bowl and other large gatherings for the league. He addresses everything from security to fan involvement to the relationship between the NFL and local partners. Plus, what the best-selling jerseys in the National Hockey League say about the state of that league and why Olympic Champions could be kissing recycled gold on the podium.

How the Raiders big bet on Vegas could fall through

Feb 03 2017

How much cash does Houston stand to rake in as Sunday's Super Bowl host city? Rick and Dan crunch the numbers in this week's podcast and discuss the major hurdles the Raiders now face in their bid to move to Vegas. And Rick talks to former Notre Dame quarterback Patrick Steenberge, the founder of Global Football, who's made it his life's mission to bring the game to other countries.

A San Diego stalwart says the pain is real when a team leaves town

Jan 26 2017

Former San Diego Chargers Kicker Rolf Benirschke fought back from a life-threatening illness to become an inspiration and an entrepreneur in San Diego. Now he’s talking about his journey and how his adopted hometown will deal with losing its NFL franchise. Plus, our prediction about Alibaba spending sports comes true, and a discussion of how President Trump’s election could reshape a potential North America bid for the World Cup.

How the Sharks are winning the ticket pricing game

Jan 19 2017

We discuss the myriad of ticket pricing options offered by the home arena of the NHL's San Jose Sharks. Plus, how what happens outside the stadium is becoming more important when it comes to large sporting events. That's one topic in my conversation with Jeff Atkinson, president of Honda Indy Toronto.

How a Stanley Cup championship starts with the AHL

Jan 13 2017

American Hockey League Commissioner David Andrews discusses how his league plays a major role in the development of players for the NHL. He also talks about the AHL's expansion and effort to grow the game in non-traditional hockey markets. Plus, I talk with Reuters Digital Editor Dan Colarusso about the success of outdoor hockey in the NHL and China's attempt to become a bigger player in professional soccer.

Look for Alibaba to make a splash in sports business in 2017

Jan 06 2017

Why Chinese tech giant Alibaba could disrupt the sports world this year. Plus where we see the NFL’s Raiders and Chargers playing future home games. Check out all of our predictions for the new year plus a discussion on documenting the struggles of athletes with former head of HBO Sports Ross Greenburg. For more episodes of Keeping Score, subscribe on iTunes.

Fields of dreams for local schools

Dec 30 2016

How Oklahoma City has rebuilt many of its school athletic facilities, boosting athletic participation and graduation rates. Businessman and part owner of the Oklahoma City Energy FC soccer team Tim McLaughlin talks about his nonprofit Fields and Futures, and the difference it has made in his community. Plus, a discussion of some of the biggest sports stories of 2016. Think the Windy City.

Teamwork key for Alonzo Mourning's foundation

Dec 28 2016

Mourning Family Foundation President Bill Diggs discusses what it takes to turn an athlete's foundation into a successful organization that makes a lasting impact on its local community. He also discusses the important role Alonzo Mounring continues to play in the group's work. Plus, Tiger Woods' lasting impact on golf and why more college football players may skip bowl games in my weekly conversation with Reuters Digital Editor Dan Colarusso.

How much Green Bay loves the Packers

Dec 16 2016

Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt explains how area residents have opened their wallets to support the local team. He also discusses the special relationship they share. Plus winners and losers from Major League Baseball’s winter meetings in this week’s episode of Keeping Score.

How MLS found its niche in North America

Dec 08 2016

Toronto FC President Bill Manning discusses the growth and development of Major League Soccer and how it has found its place in the North American sports scene. He also explains why he thinks the level of play will continue to improve. Plus, Reuters Digital Editor Dan Colarusso and give our take on the new tentative collective bargaining agreement between Major League Baseball and its players. We also look at the parody in the sport and how that has increased its popularity.

Sacramento Kings score with sustainability

Dec 01 2016

How the team's new Golden 1 Arena takes sustainability to another level. Plus, how the new building has strengthened the relationship between the community and its lone major professional sports franchise. My conversation with President and Chief Operating Officer Chris Granger.

The trickle-down economics of sports and philanthropy

Dec 01 2016

While NCAA and pro sports generate a lot of money for teams and their organizations, they also help the community. In this Thanksgiving episode of Keeping Score, we look at the effect college football at Virginia Tech has on the athletic department and the local area. Plus, how one company is benefitting its home territory through its involvement in an upcoming LPGA tournament.

Drone racing your way to the top

Nov 16 2016

This week, I talk to Matt Higgins, president and CEO of RSE Ventures, the sports, entertainment and technology firm investing in drone racing and other cutting edge sports enterprises. He talks about his strategies behind identifying winning sports properties and his philosophy toward successful entrepreneurship.

The importance of humility in sports

Nov 10 2016

Orlando Magic Senior Vice President Pat Williams talks about the role humility can play in professional sports. He also discusses the state of the NBA and the relationship between management and players. Plus, Reuters Digital Editor Dan Colarusso and I assess this year's crop of Major League Baseball free agents.

How the NFL can fix itself

Oct 28 2016

From domestic violence by players off the field, to brain injuries on the field, the National Football League is facing serious challenges.

Sweaty equity – a tech accelerator takes on sports

Oct 14 2016

How a startup hopes to profit from a device that monitors athletes' sweat. Plus what could become the Uber for boating. My conversation with Tim Hayden at Saint Louis University which partners with companies like these in his role as the head of the school’s center for entrepreneurship.

Blame Clinton, Trump and Brady for NFL rating woes

Oct 07 2016

Why Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Tom Brady have hurt TV ratings for NFL games this season.

Golf in the rough, the Jose Fernandez effect and North Dakota’s pigeon strategy

Sep 30 2016

National Golf Foundation CEO Joe Beditz explains why the sport is going through a rough patch. =

The Green Bay Packers’ secret sauce (and drawbacks)

Sep 23 2016

Packers president and CEO Mark Murphy explains the team’s unique ownership model and why it limits the team’s international reach.

A sports protest with $400 million on the line

Sep 16 2016

From a college football game at a race track to ads on jerseys, how sports leagues and associations are trying to squeeze more revenue out of their events. Plus, how the WNBA is trying to boost its visibility and interest in the women’s game.

The Olympics are over, the scandals linger on

Aug 26 2016

Russia, Ryan Lochte and an Irish Olympic Committee president are all in hot water following the 2016 Games.

The lasting impact of the Rio Olympics

Aug 19 2016

Reuters Correspondent Liana Baker who is in Brazil discusses how the Rio games will shape future Olympics. Plus a look at the money generated from broadcasting rights, on this week's Keeping Score

Could Los Angeles host the 2024 Olympics?

Aug 12 2016

The head of the U.S. Olympic Committee Scott Blackmun talks about the financial aspects of putting together an Olympic team and how the organization chooses which sports to make a priority.

One way athletes are reducing injuries

Aug 04 2016

The founder and CEO of wearable fitness tracker WHOOP talks about how the device has helped improve the performance of users and reduce their injuries.

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