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Accepting the nomination, Clinton casts herself as clear-eyed leader 2:12am EDT

PHILADELPHIA U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton cast herself as the steady leader at a "moment of reckoning" for America, contrasting her character with what she described as a dangerous and volatile Donald Trump. | Video

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Trump says was being 'sarcastic' in Russia hack comments

WASHINGTON Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Thursday tried to quell the furor over his call for Russia to find Hillary Clinton's deleted emails, saying he was being sarcastic.

Election 2016, Russia Jul 28 2016

Russia to U.S., Trump: Sort out your own pre-election hacking scandal

MOSCOW Russia told the United States on Thursday to get to the bottom of a hacking scandal involving Democratic Party emails itself and rejected what Donald Trump said was a sarcastic suggestion that Moscow should dig up Hillary Clinton's "missing" emails.

Election 2016, Tech, Russia Jul 28 2016

Mistrust of Clinton on trade shadows her at Democratic convention

WASHINGTON When it comes to trade policy, Hillary Clinton is taking heat from all sides.

Election 2016, Jul 28 2016

Dispatch from inside the conventions

Delegates at both the Republican and the Democratic conventions sported outrageous outfits - but the views from their respective gatherings were a study in contrast.

Election 2016, U.S. Jul 28 2016