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Congress rejects Obama veto, Saudi September 11 bill becomes law 6:15pm EDT

WASHINGTON Congress on Wednesday overwhelmingly rejected President Barack Obama's veto of legislation allowing relatives of the victims of the Sept. 11 attacks to sue Saudi Arabia, the first veto override of his presidency, just four months before it ends. | Video

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Senate approves funding bill to avert government shutdown

WASHINGTON The Senate approved a stop-gap funding bill to avert a looming federal government shutdown on Wednesday, after Republicans and Democrats agreed to help Flint, Michigan, resolve its drinking water crisis.

Election 2016, U.S. 3:43pm EDT

Michigan Attorney General says weak Detroit schools can be closed

CHICAGO Underperforming schools in the cash-strapped city of Detroit can be closed this school year, Michigan's Attorney General said in a legal opinion issued Wednesday to clarify an existing state law.

Election 2016, U.S. 3:47pm EDT

Senators ask Justice Department to consider probe of EpiPen Medicaid classification

WASHINGTON Senators Richard Blumenthal, Charles Grassley and Amy Klobuchar asked the Justice Department to investigate whether Mylan NV may have misclassified its EpiPen in order to pay lower rebates to the states.

U.S., Health, Election 2016, 1:53pm EDT

New Hampshire 'ballot selfie' ban unconstitutional: appeals court

BOSTON A 2014 New Hampshire law prohibiting voters from taking selfies with their ballots on election day is an unconstitutional infringement on the right to free speech, a federal appeals court ruled on Wednesday.

Election 2016, 4:36pm EDT