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Jeb Bush's new stance on Trump: Bring it on 02 Sep 2015

MANCHESTER, N.H. - Republican Jeb Bush’s new campaign ad ridiculing Donald Trump as a “germophobe” and Democrat-in-disguise is just the start of what will be a bigger onslaught, signaling a more aggressive stance by the candidate, Bush advisers said on Wednesday.

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Presidential hopeful Rubio wants end to oil export ban, kill carbon rules

WASHINGTON - Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio would lift the ban on exporting crude oil soon after taking office if he is elected, the Florida senator said Wednesday in a speech previewing his energy strategy.

02 Sep 2015

White House: No threat detected from China navy ships in Bering Sea

WASHINGTON - The Pentagon has not detected any threatening activity from the Chinese navy vessels in the Bering Sea, the White House said on Wednesday.

World, 02 Sep 2015

Clinton proposes $7.5 billion U.S. fund to fight addiction

WASHINGTON - Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton would launch a $10 billion initiative to tackle drug and alcohol addiction, a problem she speaks of often on the campaign trail and which affects 23 million Americans.

Health 02 Sep 2015

Indicted Philadelphia congressman cannot suppress warrant for emails

- Chaka Fattah, a Philadelphia congressman facing corruption charges, failed to persuade a federal appeals court to void a search warrant that would give investigators access to seven years of his private emails.

U.S. 02 Sep 2015