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U.S. strikes Somali militant camp in bid to kill al Shabaab leader 5:39pm EDT

MOGADISHU - A U.S. military airstrike in Somalia has targeted the leader of the Islamist militant group al Shabaab, Somali and U.S. officials said on Tuesday, but they added it may take time to determine whether Ahmed Abdi Godane was killed.

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U.S. Republican lawmakers say regulators treat insurers unfairly

WASHINGTON - A group of Republican lawmakers on Tuesday accused U.S. regulators of "disparate treatment" of nonbank financial firms that are currently being considered for tougher oversight.


Tax-evasion trial of New York congressman Grimm set for Dec. 1

NEW YORK - A federal judge on Tuesday set Dec. 1 as the start of the tax-evasion trial of New York congressman Michael Grimm, one month after an election in which the Republican seeks a third term in the U.S. House of Representatives.

6:22pm EDT

Securing release of Americans held in North Korea a top priority: White House

WASHINGTON - Securing the release of the three Americans detained in North Korea is a top priority, the White House said on Tuesday.

U.S., 2:43pm EDT

U.S. appeals court upholds Indiana's right-to-work law

WASHINGTON - The validity of an Indiana state law that bars companies from requiring workers to join a union and pay union dues was affirmed on Tuesday by a U.S. appeals court in a win for "right to work" advocates.

U.S. 2:49pm EDT

Pentagon: death of al Shabaab leader in U.S. strike would be major blow

WASHINGTON - The Pentagon is assessing whether an airstrike on an encampment in Somalia killed al Shabaab leader Ahmed Abdi Godane, but if confirmed the militant's death would represent a "very significant" blow to the group, the Pentagon said on Tuesday.

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