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With Cuba decision, Obama hands Hillary Clinton a gift 9:15pm EST

WASHINGTON - Potential 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton knows a political gift when she sees one.

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Obama signs U.S. sanctions law on Venezuela officials

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama on Thursday signed legislation to impose sanctions on Venezuelan government officials accused of violating protesters' rights during demonstrations earlier this year.

5:48pm EST

Obama to set up panel to boost trust between police and communities

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama on Thursday will set up a task force to draw up recommendations to strengthen trust between law enforcement and local communities, following protests over several instances of police killings of unarmed people this year.

U.S. 5:49pm EST

Cubans imagine new, more prosperous life without an old foe

HAVANA - From bus drivers to bartenders and ballet dancers, many Cubans are already imagining a more prosperous future after the United States said it will put an end to 50 years of conflict with the communist-run island.

World, Cuba 3:20pm EST

U.S. Secret Service too insular, needs outside leader, more agents: review

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Secret Service needs an outsider to overhaul the insular agency, beef up staffing and improve training - after building a higher fence around the White House, an independent review concluded on Thursday.

5:06pm EST