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Senators reach bipartisan deal on Obamacare, Trump voices support 7:06pm EDT

WASHINGTON Two U.S. senators on Tuesday announced a bipartisan breakthrough to shore up Obamacare for two years by reviving federal subsidies for health insurers that President Donald Trump planned to scrap, and the president voiced support for the deal. | Video

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Instead of U.S. midterms, Sanders focuses on smaller races

WASHINGTON U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders will focus on getting liberal candidates elected to state and local offices ahead of next year's midterm elections rather than on higher-profile U.S. congressional races, to help build a national progressive movement from the ground up.

Election 2016 5:09pm EDT

Senate Democrats vow to fight drilling in Alaska reserve

WASHINGTON U.S. Senate Democrats vowed on Tuesday to fight a measure expected to be slipped into budget legislation that would open Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Reserve to oil and gas drilling, saying it would destroy one of earth's remaining paradises.


Justice Department to create post overseeing asset forfeiture program

WASHINGTON U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions directed the agency on Tuesday to hire an asset forfeiture oversight chief, just months after he reinstated a program shut down by the Obama administration that lets police seize cash from crime suspects.

Election 2016 6:37pm EDT

Trump administration again declines to name China currency manipulator

WASHINGTON The United States on Tuesday declined to name China as a currency manipulator although it remained critical of the Chinese government's economic policies ahead of a planned visit to Beijing by President Donald Trump.

Election 2016, China 6:31pm EDT