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Bill to curtail U.S. domestic spying advances but political fight looms 1:53pm EDT

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Senate voted to move ahead on Tuesday with a bill that would end the ability of spy agencies to collect Americans' telephone records in bulk and install a more targeted system, but a political fight loomed over potential changes to the bill.

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Ex-House speaker Hastert to appear in court June 9

CHICAGO - A federal arraignment was moved to June 9 on Tuesday for former U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Dennis Hastert, who has been charged with trying to hide $3.5 million in payments he was making to conceal past misconduct.

U.S., 12:21pm EDT

California Senate votes for healthcare for undocumented immigrants

LOS ANGELES - The California Senate voted on Tuesday to allow unauthorized immigrants to obtain health insurance on the state exchange created under the federal Affordable Care Act, the bill's author Senator Ricardo Lara said on Twitter.

Health, 2:58pm EDT

U.S. House panel seeks to ban funding for U.S. embassy in Cuba

WASHINGTON - A proposed U.S. House of Representatives appropriations bill released on Tuesday would prohibit funds for an American embassy or other diplomatic facility in Cuba beyond what existed before President Barack Obama's December announcement that he would move to normalize relations with Havana.

Cuba 10:56am EDT

Why U.S. billionaires may not be able to buy the 2016 election

NEW YORK - Florida Senator Marco Rubio has one; Texas Senator Ted Cruz has one; even former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, considered a longshot for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016, has a billionaire in his corner. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has two. | Video

10:06am EDT