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German government believes Trump would ravage U.S. economy: Spiegel 7:46am EDT

BERLIN Germany's economy ministry believes a Donald Trump presidency would severely damage the U.S. economy, according to an internal memorandum reported by Der Spiegel magazine on Saturday.

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Suing governments over terror no sure thing despite U.S. September 11 law

NEW YORK Families of Sept. 11 victims and others who may seek to sue foreign governments accused of supporting terrorism in the United States still face significant legal hurdles, despite a boost from passage of a law allowing such cases to proceed.

Election 2016, Sep 29 2016

Puerto Rico board sets Oct. 14 date for draft turnaround plan

NEW YORK Puerto Rico's newly created federal oversight board set an Oct. 14 deadline for the island's governor to draft a fiscal turnaround plan on Friday, as its first public meeting was disrupted by angry protesters.

Election 2016, Sep 30 2016

U.S. to open new vetting agency for 'secret' security clearances

WASHINGTON The U.S. government will open the doors next week to a new agency, with stronger data protections, meant to shorten by many weeks the time it takes to vet government workers seeking "secret" and "top secret" security clearances.

Election 2016, U.S. Sep 29 2016

Do not vote for 'demagogue' Trump, USA Today tells its readers

WASHINGTON Branding Donald Trump a "dangerous demagogue," USA Today on Thursday urged its readers not to vote for the Republican presidential candidate, but added that it was not endorsing his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton either.

Election 2016, Sep 29 2016