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Obama puts spotlight on women in quest for midterm votes 2:50pm EDT

PROVIDENCE R.I. - President Barack Obama, hoping for a strong turnout from female voters for Democratic candidates in congressional and gubernatorial elections next week, put women in the spotlight on Friday at an economic-focused event in Rhode Island.

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Republicans question preparedness spending after Ebola missteps

WASHINGTON - Texas Republicans, including Tea Party-backed U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, sought to ratchet up the pressure on the Obama administration's Ebola response on Friday, by questioning its use of federal tax dollars for emergency preparedness.

2:28pm EDT

Congress to revisit Islamic State war debate after election

WASHINGTON - When lawmakers return to Washington after Tuesday’s congressional elections they will resume a debate they began with some reluctance last month on the U.S.-led fight against Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq.

U.S. 2:10pm EDT

New taxes or not, Pennsylvania's next governor faces fiscal morass

NEW YORK - The Democrat who could oust Pennsylvania's Republican governor in November wants to reshape the state's personal income tax system to make it more progressive.

7:06am EDT

U.S. voters contend with new voting rules in 14 states

WASHINGTON - U.S. voters in 14 states are navigating new laws that critics say make it harder for lower-income and minority voters, who typically back Democrats, to cast ballots in the midterm elections.

1:11pm EDT

Big money crops up in small elections in the United States

ARVADA Colorado - Political groups that took advantage of loosened campaign-finance rules spent hundreds of millions of dollars in the 2012 U.S. presidential election. This year, they're cropping up in state and local races as well.

1:08am EDT