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Pro-Trump groups take no prisoners in rush to help an embattled president 2:40pm EDT

WASHINGTON Flush with cash, political groups outside the White House are aggressively coming to President Donald Trump's aid as he battles low public approval numbers, questions about his election campaign's ties to Russia and a stalled legislative agenda. | Video

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Yes he can: Obama returns to Indonesia for family vacation

JAKARTA From white water rafting in Bali to visiting temples on Java, former U.S. President Barack Obama's private family holiday is being closely tracked in Indonesia where he spent four years as a child.

Election 2016, U.S. 1:46pm EDT

Trump growing frustrated with China, weighs trade steps: officials

WASHINGTON President Donald Trump is growing increasingly frustrated with China over its inaction on North Korea and bilateral trade issues and is now considering possible trade actions against Beijing, three senior administration officials told Reuters. | Video


Clinton campaign chairman testifies in House Russia probe

WASHINGTON Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman, John Podesta, on Tuesday appeared before the U.S. House of Representatives Intelligence Committee, which has begun interviewing witnesses in its probe of how Russia may have influenced the 2016 election.

Election 2016, Russia Jun 27 2017

U.S. hopes to see Chinese activist Liu treated for cancer 'elsewhere'

BEIJING Newly appointed U.S. Ambassador to China Terry Branstad said on Wednesday the United States would like to see Nobel Peace Prize-winning activist Liu Xiaobo treated elsewhere for cancer, and that the two countries must work together on human rights. | Video

Election 2016, China 4:59am EDT

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