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China's top paper says no place for a 'new cold war' with U.S. 3:00am EDT

SHANGHAI - China and the United States must avoid a "new cold war" in their international relations, China's top newspaper said on Saturday, in the wake of high level talks in Beijing between senior leaders of the world's two largest economies.

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U.S. Congress seen backing extension of Iran nuclear pact

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Congress will ultimately support an extension of an interim agreement of talks on Iran's nuclear program, lawmakers and congressional aides said, despite calls by Republicans and some Democrats to abandon negotiations and return to tough sanctions to deter Tehran from building a nuclear bomb.

11 Jul 2014

Obama administration warns money low to deal with migrant crisis

WASHINGTON - The Obama administration warned lawmakers on Thursday that U.S. border control agencies would run out of money and migrant children would run out of beds if Congress did not approve $3.7 billion in funds to address an influx of people from Central America.

U.S., 11 Jul 2014

Obama, corporate giants announce plan to boost suppliers

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama is enlisting several major U.S. and multinational companies to draw attention to an initiative aimed at helping small businesses expand and hire workers.

11 Jul 2014

Ex-Minnesota governor: no fight with 'American Sniper' author

ST PAUL Minn. - Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura said Friday he has not been in a fight in decades as he took the stand in his trial accusing a former Navy SEAL sniper of making up a 2006 altercation between them described in a best-selling book.

U.S. 11 Jul 2014

House backs extending business depreciation tax break

WASHINGTON - The House of Representatives voted 258-160 on Friday to extend permanently a business tax break dealing with deductions for depreciating certain capital investments, a move that would cost U.S. taxpayers an estimated $287 billion over 10 years.

11 Jul 2014