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Key Republicans balk at White House border funds request 1:24pm EDT

WASHINGTON - Leading Republican lawmakers balked on Sunday at supporting a White House spending request aimed at bolstering the U.S. border with Mexico, where thousands of children have crossed recently, while calling for changes in the law to allow faster deportations.

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China's top paper says no place for a 'new cold war' with U.S.

SHANGHAI - China and the United States must avoid a "new cold war" in their international relations, China's top newspaper said on Saturday, in the wake of high level talks in Beijing between senior leaders of the world's two largest economies.

World, China 12 Jul 2014

U.S. House Appropriations chair: Obama border security request too high

WASHINGTON - The Obama administration's $3.7 billion request for emergency funds to bolster U.S. border security and deal with a massive influx of migrant children from Central America is too high and will be reduced, an influential Republican lawmaker said on Friday.

11 Jul 2014

Japan says Pacific trade talks agree broadly on labor, health issues

OTTAWA/TOKYO - Pacific trade talks have reached broad agreement on labor issues and sanitary and phytosanitary standards but some difficult aspects remain to be tackled, Japan’s chief negotiator said on Saturday.

Japan 12:30am EDT

Former NY mayor riles Colorado pols with 'rural' gun remarks

DENVER - Republican politicians in Colorado have slammed former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg for saying parts of the Western state that recalled two lawmakers last year over new gun laws were so rural they didn't even have roads.

11 Jul 2014

U.S. Marines air chief wants to curb 'big wish lists' for arms upgrades

RAF FAIRFORD England - The U.S. Marine Corps' new aviation chief this week said he plans to hold down "big wish lists" for upgrades to existing warplanes and helicopters so he can maximize purchases of new planes like the Lockheed Martin Corp F-35 fighter jet.

U.S. 4:11am EDT