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After convention high, Clinton to hit the road in U.S. Rust Belt 11:42am EDT

PHILADELPHIA Democrat Hillary Clinton takes her newly energized campaign to become America's first woman president on the road on Friday to "Rust Belt" swing states that might decide the fate of the Nov. 8 election. | Video

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Daughter Chelsea casts Clinton as great mom, driven public servant

PHILADELPHIA Chelsea Clinton took the stage of the Democratic National Convention on Thursday to portray her mother Hillary Clinton as a loving, smart and playful woman qualified to be elected president of the United States. | Video

Election 2016, 12:56am EDT

Exclusive: FBI probes hacking of Democratic congressional group - sources

SAN FRANCISCO/WASHINGTON The FBI is investigating a cyber attack against another U.S. Democratic Party group, which may be related to an earlier hack against the Democratic National Committee, four people familiar with the matter told Reuters.


Exclusive: Billionaire Republican donors urge Kochs to back Trump

NEW YORK A group of at least six wealthy Republican donors is urging the billionaire Koch brothers to step off the sidelines of the U.S. presidential election to back Donald Trump, arguing they will want influence with the New York businessman they have harshly criticized if he wins the White House in November.


Among Democrats, another convention hums in Sanders fans' phones

PHILADELPHIA There is the Democratic convention unfolding onstage in Philadelphia this week, broadcast to millions on television. Then there is a second convention that exists largely hidden from public view in the smartphones of Bernie Sanders' delegates.

Election 2016, Jul 28 2016