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Armed with party support, Clinton to make case for the White House 10:23am EDT

PHILADELPHIA Hillary Clinton makes her case for the White House on Thursday night, armed with a ringing endorsement from President Barack Obama and the crucial backing of the opponent she beat to become the Democratic Party candidate for November's election. | Video

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WikiLeaks releases hacked Democratic National Committee audio files

WASHINGTON WikiLeaks released files on Wednesday of what it said were audio recordings pulled from the emails of the Democratic National Committee that were obtained by hacking its servers.


Trump draws ire after urging Russia to find 'missing' Clinton emails

MIAMI/WASHINGTON Republican Donald Trump on Wednesday invited Russia to dig up tens of thousands of "missing" emails from Hillary Clinton's time at the U.S. State Department, vexing intelligence experts and prompting Democrats to accuse him of urging foreigners to spy on Americans. | Video

Election 2016, Russia Jul 27 2016

Mike Pence warns of 'consequences' if Russia hacked emails

WASHINGTON U.S. Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence on Wednesday vowed there would be "serious consequences" if the FBI determines Russia is behind recent hacking attempt and is meddling in the Nov. 8 U.S. presidential election.

Election 2016, Jul 27 2016

U.S. theory on Democratic Party breach: Hackers meant to leave Russia's mark

WASHINGTON Some U.S. intelligence officials suspect that Russian hackers who broke into Democratic Party computers may have deliberately left digital fingerprints to show Moscow is a "cyberpower" that Washington should respect.

Election 2016, Russia 8:37am EDT