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U.S. Congress pushes ahead with bid to arm Syrian rebels 6:52pm EDT

WASHINGTON - The U.S. House of Representatives began debating legislation on Tuesday to authorize President Barack Obama's plan to arm and train Syrian rebels to fight Islamic State militants, and lawmakers said the measure would likely pass Congress by the end of this week despite some members' reservations.

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Oklahoma lawmaker proposes nitrogen gas for executions

OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma lawmaker has proposed nitrogen gas as a possible alternative for executing condemned prisoners after a botched execution in April raised concerns about lethal injection.

3:44pm EDT

U.S. NSA chief says monitoring tech-savvy Islamic State

WASHINGTON - As U.S. military leaders outlined their strategy before Congress to fight Islamic State militants on the battlefield, the National Security Agency chief said on Tuesday he was watching the media-savvy group's cyber capabilities.

Tech 7:11pm EDT

U.S. Senate confirms two new members for nuclear regulator

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Senate on Monday approved the nominations of Jeffery Baran and Stephen Burns to fill vacancies on the five-member Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

2:56pm EDT

U.S. senator criticizes muni treatment in bank liquidity rules

WASHINGTON - A U.S. Democratic senator on Tuesday urged the Federal Reserve and other bank regulators to revamp the treatment of municipal bonds in recently finalized rules aimed at making sure banks can survive a cash crunch.

3:01pm EDT

U.S. general says cannot rule out larger ground role in Iraq

WASHINGTON - The most senior U.S. military officer raised the possibility on Tuesday that American troops might need to take on a larger role in Iraq's ground war against Islamic State militants, but the White House stressed they would not deploy on a combat mission.

World, Iraq 7:00pm EDT