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Trump reaches out to lawmakers on healthcare as another says 'no' Jun 23 2017

WASHINGTON President Donald Trump made calls to fellow Republicans in the U.S. Senate on Friday to mobilize support for their party's healthcare overhaul while acknowledging the legislation is on a "very, very narrow path" to passage. | Video

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Exclusive: Overruling diplomats, U.S. to drop Iraq, Myanmar from child soldiers' list

WASHINGTON In a highly unusual intervention, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson plans to remove Iraq and Myanmar from a U.S. list of the world's worst offenders in the use of child soldiers, disregarding the recommendations of State Department experts and senior U.S. diplomats, U.S. officials said.


Senators demand investigation of reports of torture in Yemen

WASHINGTON The leaders of the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee asked Defense Secretary Jim Mattis on Friday to investigate any involvement of U.S. interrogators at secret prisons in Yemen where inmates have reportedly been tortured.

Election 2016, Yemen Jun 23 2017

White House close to naming nominees for U.S. SEC: senior official

WASHINGTON The White House is very close to naming its nominees for the top U.S. securities regulator, a senior official said on Friday, which could lead the current three-member Securities and Exchange Commission to reach its full five-member complement in the near future.

Election 2016 Jun 23 2017

Trump aide Juster to be nominated as U.S. ambassador to India: officials

WASHINGTON U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to nominate a top economic aide, Kenneth Juster, as the next U.S. ambassador to India, two senior White House officials said on Friday.

Election 2016 Jun 23 2017

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