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Obama argues healthcare law is working, rejects Republican criticism 17 Apr 2014

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama mounted a vigorous effort on Thursday to show his signature healthcare law is working and dismissed Republican critics who are using flaws in Obamacare to campaign for ousting Democrats from the U.S. Congress in November. | Video

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Beau Biden, son of U.S. VP, to run for governor of Delaware

- At least one member of the Biden family will be seeking higher office in 2016.

17 Apr 2014

New Hampshire lawmakers fail to pass death penalty repeal

BOSTON - New Hampshire's Senate failed to repeal the death penalty on Thursday, in a vote that capped weeks of emotional debate while focusing attention on the state's lone death row inmate.

U.S., 17 Apr 2014

Hotel magnate pleads guilty to U.S. campaign contribution scheme

NEW YORK - A prominent hotel executive in New York pleaded guilty on Thursday to conspiring to make $188,000 of illegal campaign contributions to three U.S. candidates via straw donors.

17 Apr 2014

Two U.S. arms programs face live-or-die reviews after costs jump

WASHINGTON - An unmanned U.S. Navy helicopter built by Northrop Grumman Corp and a precision ship-landing system built by Raytheon Co face mandatory reviews that could lead to their cancellation after quantity reductions drove unit costs sharply higher in 2013, the Pentagon announced on Thursday.

17 Apr 2014