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U.S. seeks to reassure Beijing after Trump call with Taiwan leader 1:58pm EST

BEIJING/WASHINGTON The White House said on Monday it had sought to reassure China after President-elect Donald Trump's phone call with Taiwan's leader last week, which the Obama administration warned could undermine progress in relations with Beijing. | Video

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Trump meets former Vice President Gore in New York: Gore

NEW YORK U.S. President-elect Donald Trump on Monday met with former Vice President Al Gore, an environmental activist who has devoted years to fighting climate change, Gore told reporters.

Election 2016 1:20pm EST

U.S. top court weighs race challenges to legislative districts

WASHINGTON U.S. Supreme Court justices on Monday appeared unsure how to determine when states have unlawfully considered race while drawing legislative districts as they weighed cases in which Republicans in Virginia and North Carolina were accused of trying to dilute the clout of black voters.

Election 2016, U.S. 1:52pm EST

U.S. court puts Obamacare case on hold until Trump takes office

WASHINGTON A federal appeals court on Monday brought to an end President Barack Obama's bid to overturn a ruling that threatens to gut his signature healthcare law by putting the case on hold until after President-elect Donald Trump, who aims to repeal Obamacare, takes office.

Health, U.S., Election 2016 1:34pm EST

Who collects costs for Trump's Taiwan call?

BEIJING There are many pressure points China can push to express its anger at Donald Trump's call with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen last week, including luring away more of Taiwan's diplomatic allies and ramping up military deployments in the Taiwan Strait.