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Puerto Rico's governor says default 'looms large' 11:03am EST

NEW YORK/SAN JUAN Puerto Rico Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla said that default "looms large" and that starting on Tuesday, the commonwealth would "claw back revenues" pledged to certain bonds issued in order to maintain public services.

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Trump says meeting with U.S. black clergy went 'very well'

NEW YORK Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump met a group of black pastors on Monday, some of them polarizing figures in their own right, despite objections from other African-American clergy and academics who have assailed what they call Trump's racially charged rhetoric.

Election 2016, Africa 30 Nov 2015

Powerful New York legislator Silver convicted in bribery case

NEW YORK Sheldon Silver, one of New York state's most powerful politicians for two decades, was convicted on Monday of abusing his office to collect as much as $4 million in illegal bribes and kickbacks.

Election 2016, 4:39am EST

Republican sees no government shutdown over Planned Parenthood funding

WASHINGTON House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy on Monday said he expects lawmakers to debate federal funding this month for Planned Parenthood as they consider spending legislation for the current fiscal year, but he did not expect a government shutdown over funding for the women's health group.

Election 2016, 30 Nov 2015

U.S. tightens visa waiver program in wake of Paris attacks

WASHINGTON The White House announced changes to the U.S. visa waiver program on Monday so that security officials can more closely screen travelers from 38 countries allowed to enter the United States without obtaining visas before they travel.

U.S., World, Election 2016, 30 Nov 2015