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Republican White House contender Rubio to deliver economic speech 1:08am EDT

CHICAGO - Presidential candidate Marco Rubio will deliver an economic speech in Chicago on Tuesday with the goal of separating himself from the packed field of Republican candidates and kick-starting his campaign into a more active, visible phase.

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U.S. court upholds ruling against Puerto Rico bankruptcy law, slams exclusion

(The story changes court description in first paragraph to "appeals" from "supreme")

8:31am EDT

China downplays Hillary Clinton claim it hacked U.S. information

BEIJING - China on Monday downplayed an accusation by U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton that Beijing had tried to "hack into everything that doesn't move in America".

China 06 Jul 2015

Hoax letter to Russian media seeks to tie U.S. senator to Ukraine

WASHINGTON - A forger sent a hoax letter to Russian media in an apparent bid to convince journalists that a senior U.S. lawmaker, Senator Richard Durbin, was trying to tell Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk how to run his government, Durbin's office said on Monday.

Russia 06 Jul 2015

White House criticizes Senate for not approving appointments to counter Islamic State

WASHINGTON - The White House criticized Republicans in the U.S. Senate on Monday for not approving appointments aimed at fighting the Islamic State.

06 Jul 2015