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Boehner's troubles with House conservatives may only get worse 1:10am EDT

FOND DU LAC Wis. - Glenn Grothman is a fiery conservative who wants to slash welfare programs and crack down on illegal immigrants who he says will "destroy" America.

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California lawmakers pass bill banning inmate sterilizations

SACRAMENTO Calif. - California lawmakers sent a bill to ban sterilization surgeries on inmates in California prisons to Governor Jerry Brown on Tuesday, after media reports and a later audit showed officials failed to follow the state's rules for obtaining consent for the procedure known as tubal ligation from incarcerated women.

Health, U.S., 19 Aug 2014

Lawmakers threaten Ex-Im Bank subpoena in oversight rebuff

WASHINGTON - Top members of the House of Representatives Financial Services panel are threatening to subpoena the U.S. Export-Bank over the bank's refusal to make three employees available for questioning as Congress considers whether to renew the bank's charter.

New Hampshire Republican staffer in chicken suit runs afoul of law

MANCHESTER N.H. - Feathers are flying in New Hampshire following the arrest of a state Republican party staffer who dressed in a chicken suit and allegedly disrupted a parade that featured two prominent Democratic politicians.

19 Aug 2014

Advocates urge U.S. top court not to block gay marriage in Virginia

WASHINGTON - Gay marriage supporters on Monday asked the U.S. Supreme Court not to block a court ruling that would allow same-sex couples to wed in Virginia.

U.S., Subjects, Gay Marriage 18 Aug 2014

Lawmakers slam Fed's crisis lending proposal

WASHINGTON - A bipartisan group of lawmakers on Monday urged the Federal Reserve to restrict its crisis lending programs for big banks, which were criticized as bailouts during the 2007-2009 meltdown.

Elizabeth Warren 18 Aug 2014