Route to Recovery

A trip through the epicenters of the American recession


Reflections on the Route to Recovery

A team of Reuters journalists toured America in November 2009 to examine the impact of the recession and the prospects for recovery.

Now, reporter Nick Carey has written an extended overview of what the journey revealed about the challenges and opportunities facing the world's biggest economy.   Full Article | Video 

    Live Blog


    Homeless in Providence

    Joblessness and the recession have pushed homeless shelters beyond capacity. But some families are turning things around, one day at a time.   Blog 


      Toyota plant workers sheltered from the downturn

      Last year Toyota came up with way to prevent layoffs in Birmingham despite the slump in auto sales.   Blog | Video 


        Short sale a good deal for couple looking to move

        One Pensacola couple found that waiting to buy a home was a good move.   Blog | Video 


          Downturn brings fresh pain to struggling Gulf shrimpers

          High costs and competition from imported farm-raised shrimp have hit Gulf Coast shrimpers hard, and the recession has only made things worse.  Blog | Video 


            Feeling the economy’s pain, but to a lesser degree

            To an outside observer, it seems Austin has taken a light hit from the recession. But when it comes to economic pain, it’s all a matter of perspective.   Blog 


              Learn to live with less

              "I keep hearing that the economy is recovering but I just don’t see it," says Denny Robertson, struggling to make it to his next paycheck after a 10 percent pay cut.   Blog 


                Home of the low rollers

                Casinos love gamblers who spend big looking for a good time, late nights and a lot of fun. But Laughlin ain’t Vegas, Toto.  Blog 


                  Strains of downturn lead to rising domestic abuse

                  During tough economic times in the Imperial Valley, staff members at the Center for Family Solutions have as much domestic violence work as they can handle.   Blog | Video 


                    Jobless, homeless, all this small band has is each other

                    With no work, no home and few prospects, three men share a camp in the woods outside Charlotte and hope to turn their lives around.   Blog | Video 



                        Video Diary

                        Ohio town develops recovery plan

                        A former steel town looks at new industries for a brighter future.   Video 

                        Housing trouble hits military families

                        Soldiers forced to transfer are facing the prospect of losing money on homes they are forced to sell.  Video 

                        Housing trouble hits military families

                        Soldiers forced to transfer are facing the prospect of losing money on homes they are forced to sell.   Video 

                        Watching the border

                        Border patrol agents in California describe the technical systems that guard the border with Mexico.  Video 

                        Demand surges at Texas food bank

                        A food bank serving 21 counties in Texas is seeing a 60 percent increase in the need for food supplies.  Video 

                        Forced to foreclose

                        Bob Kriegh has had to foreclose on two properties and is allowing one tenant to live rent-free rather than throw his family on the street.   Video 

                        editor's note

                        Reuters journalists traveled by air, road and rail for this special report. All travel expenses were paid for by Reuters.