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Dexter studios says issuance of 10.9 mln bonus shares

Dexter studios Co Ltd : Says an issuance of 10.9 million bonus shares in a ratio of 1:1(1 bonus share for each share held)to shareholders recorded on Dec. 22 .Says expected listing date is Jan. 9, 2017.

5:48am EST

HMV Digit China enters into cooperation agreement with Nextainment Pictures

HMV Digital China Group Ltd : Entered into a strategic cooperation framework agreement with nextainment pictures . Agreement for proposed joint investment in distribution of movies . No formal agreement regarding strategic co-operation has been entered into by company .voluntary announcement...

5:36am EST

Ali Pictures Group sasy Yu yongfu has been appointed as CEO

Ali Pictures Group : Zhang Qiang has been re-designated from CEO to co-president and remains as executive director .Yu Yongfu has been appointed as CEO and remains as executive director, chairman of board.

Monday, 5 Dec 2016 09:33am EST

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