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Jagged Peak Energy provides updated third quarter production guidance

6:30am EDT

Sept 19 (Reuters) - Jagged Peak Energy Inc :Jagged Peak Energy Inc - ‍revised production guidance range of 19,150 to 19,350 barrels of oil equivalent per day for Q3 of 2017​.Jagged Peak Energy Inc - ‍Q4 2017 production guidance range remains at 26,000 to 28,000 boe/d​.Jagged Peak Energy Inc - ‍all wells temporarily curtailed due to Hurricane Harvey are now back on production​.Jagged Peak Energy - ‍due to scheduling conflicts related to a shared completion fleet, completion of 2 wells delayed by approximately 3 weeks each​.Jagged Peak Energy Inc - ‍for full year, continue to expect to spud 54 to 58 operated and to complete 50 to 55 operated wells​.Jagged Peak Energy Inc - ‍two non-operated wells were originally scheduled to begin producing in July 2017, but did not begin production until Sept 2017​.

Ocean Rig UDW says Cayman court sanctioned schemes of arrangements of co, units

Friday, 15 Sep 2017 06:00pm EDT

Sept 15 (Reuters) - Ocean Rig UDW Inc ::Cayman Islands court sanctioned schemes of arrangements of company and its subsidiaries​.Terms of restructuring have been approved by Cayman Court​.

Atwood Oceanics provides interim operations and financial update

Thursday, 14 Sep 2017 09:02am EDT

Sept 14 (Reuters) - Atwood Oceanics Inc ::Atwood Oceanics provides interim operations and financial update.Atwood Oceanics Inc - ‍fleet revenue efficiency was approximately 100 pct for July and 99 pct for August​.Atwood Oceanics Inc - ‍ "expect to maintain our cash balance and liquidity through this quarter"​.

Atwood Oceanics Inc says fleet revenue efficiency was about 100pct for July and 99pct for August

Thursday, 14 Sep 2017 06:59am EDT

Sept 14 (Reuters) - Atwood Oceanics Inc ::Atwood Oceanics Inc - cash on hand at September 30, 2017 is expected to approximate the June 30, 2017 balance of $474 million .Atwood Oceanics Inc - fleet revenue efficiency was about 100pct for July and 99pct for August.

Seadrill receives court approval of "first day" motions

Wednesday, 13 Sep 2017 07:31pm EDT

Sept 14 (Reuters) - Seadrill Ltd - :Seadrill receives court approval of "first day" motions.Expects its operations to continue uninterrupted throughout the reorganization process.Says approved motions give company authority to, continue to pay employee wages and benefits without interruption.Approved motions gives authority to continue to utilize cash management system; continue to pay suppliers,vendors in full under normal terms.

Fred. Olsen energy have no rigs employed after October-CEO

Wednesday, 13 Sep 2017 10:30am EDT

Sept 13 (Reuters) - Fred Olsen Energy ::Fred. Olsen Energy CEO Ivar Brandvold says none of its rigs will have jobs after the last contract with Statoil <<>> runs out in October."We expect more opportunities to occur in the second quarter of 2018. We expect very low activity during the winter," Brandvold told Reuters on the sidelines of an industry conference.He earlier told the conference he expected 2017 to be the worst for the company, but it has been positioning itself for the market's recovery.He said the company preferred to stack its rigs instead of marketing those at the rates that cover only operational costs.Fred. Olsen Energy has seven ultra deepwater and mid-water semi-submersible drilling rig .

Nyse to suspend trading immediately in common stock of North Atlantic Drilling, commence delisting proceedings

Wednesday, 13 Sep 2017 09:00am EDT

Sept 13 (Reuters) - NYSE::NYSE to suspend trading immediately in the common stock of North Atlantic Drilling Ltd. (NADL) and commence delisting proceedings.

Ship Finance announces signing of restructuring agreement with Seadrill Ltd

Wednesday, 13 Sep 2017 01:04am EDT

Sept 13 (Reuters) - Ship Finance International Ltd :SFL - signing of restructuring agreement with Seadrill Limited.Ship Finance and units agreed to reduce contractual charter hire by approximately 30% for 5-year period starting in 2018.Co and some units entered restructuring agreement in connection with restructuring of Seadrill Ltd and some units.

Seadrill files for chapter 11 bankruptcy

Tuesday, 12 Sep 2017 08:46pm EDT

Sept 12 (Reuters) - Seadrill Ltd -:Seadrill announces comprehensive restructuring plan to be implemented with prearranged chapter 11 cases.Agreement delivers $1.06 billion of new capital comprised of $860 million of secured notes and $200 million of equity.As part of chapter 11 cases, company filed "first day" motions that, when granted, will enable day-to-day operations to continue as usual.Ring-fenced non-consolidated affiliates from co's restructuring, including seadrill partners, Seamex Ltd, Archer Limited,their respective subsidiaries.Non-Consolidated affiliates did not file chapter 11 cases, and we expect their business operations to continue uninterrupted.


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