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Anadolu Efes Q1 consolidated result swings to loss of 84.9 mln lira

Thursday, 4 May 2017 12:16pm EDT

May 4 (Reuters) - Anadolu Efes ::Q1 consolidated net loss of 84.9 million lira versus profit of 60.3 million lira year ago.Q1 consolidated revenue of 2.43 billion lira versus 1.93 billion lira year ago.Q1 consolidated sales volume up 6.0 percent to 17.5 MHL.Q1 consolidated EBITDA before non-recurring items (BNRI) up 16.7 percent to 295.2 million lira.Expects a positive FCF both for beer business and soft drinks operations for the full year.The political & macroeconomic challenges, affordability issues and tough competition continued into the first quarter of 2017 in Turkey beer operations.

Anheuser busch inbev Q1 total volumes beat Reuters poll

Thursday, 4 May 2017 01:26am EDT

May 4 (Reuters) - Anheuser Busch Inbev SA ::Q1 normalized EBITDA $4.81 billion versus $4.88 billion in Reuters poll.We expect to accelerate total revenue growth in FY17.Combination with SAB: the business integration is progressing well, with synergies of 252 million USD captured during 1Q17.We expect cos per hl to increase by low single digits on a constant geographic basis in FY17.Q1 revenue $ 12.92 billion versus $12.90 billion in Reuters poll.Selling, general and administrative expenses: we expect sg&a to remain broadly flat in FY17.Q1 total volumes 147.9 million hls versus 141 million hls in Reuters poll.Brazil business saw beer volumes growing by 3.4 pct in the quarter.We expect the average rate of interest on net debt in FY17 to be in the range of 3.5 pct to 4.0 pct.Political and macroeconomic environment in Brazil remains challenging and estimate beer industry volumes declined this quarter.Effective tax rate: we expect the normalized ETR in FY17 to be in the range of 24 pct to 26 pct.We expect net capital expenditure of approximately 3.7 billion USD in FY17.We continue to expect dividends to be a growing flow over time, although growth is expected to be modest given the importance of deleveraging..Q1 normalized profit attributable to equity holders $1.46 billion versus $1.77 billion in Reuters poll.

Anadolu Efes to suspend brewing operations in Istanbul as of May 22

Thursday, 20 Apr 2017 02:49am EDT

April 20 (Reuters) - Anadolu Efes ::Decided to suspend its brewing operations located in Merter, Istanbul, which has 15 percent share in total capacity, as of May 22.Says to transfer these operations to other facilities in Adana, Ankara and Izmir.Says the total estimated employment termination benefits for all of employees in our Merter plant amounts to 14 million lira ($3.82 million).This decision was taken considering the environmental and logistic effects of company's factory that remains in the city center after urbanization.Says to consider the options about the land where the Istanbul factory is located.


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