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Petro Welt Technologies acquires fracturing company in Kazakhstan

Thursday, 1 Sep 2016 07:23am EDT

Petro Welt Technologies AG : Acquires fracturing company in Kazakhstan . Acquired firm, Trican Well Service Kazakhstan Ltd., is a specialist for fracturing and actively serves a number of international and local customers throughout Kazakhstan .Integration of acquired company in corporate structures is likely to be completed within next two to three months.

Seabird Exploration: Acquisition of Hawk Explorer

Thursday, 1 Sep 2016 02:00am EDT

Seabird Exploration Plc : Has entered into a contract for purchase of vessel Hawk Explorer and its seismic equipment .Under the purchase agreement, SeaBird will pay $1.1 million for the vessel and seismic equipment as well as the cancellation of all future lease payments and additional obligations as required under the charter agreement.

Key Energy Services announces entry into plan support agreement

Wednesday, 24 Aug 2016 08:14pm EDT

Key Energy Services Inc [KEGX.PK] :Announces entry into plan support agreement for consensual deleveraging and recapitalization transaction.

Wah Seong Corporation says unit Wasco Coatings Europe b.v. acquires Promovia

Monday, 22 Aug 2016 06:53am EDT

Wah Seong Corporation Bhd : Unit wasco coatings Europe b.v. acquired entire issued and paid-up share capital in "Promovia Einundneunzigste Verwaltungsgesellschaft Mbh" .

Chiwayland International says unit won bid for land use rights for a parcel in Jiangsu province

Monday, 22 Aug 2016 06:04am EDT

Chiwayland International Ltd : Acquisition of land use rights in land parcel in Binghu District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, Prc) . Unit, suzhou chiway shangcheng real estate has been successful in bid for land use rights of land parcel in Jiangsu province .

Mencast Holdings announces banking facilities with United Overseas Bank Ltd

Sunday, 21 Aug 2016 07:37pm EDT

Mencast Holdings Ltd : Banking facilities with United Overseas Bank Limited . The group has on 19 August 2016 entered into banking facility agreements with United Overseas Bank Limited . Group secured loan facility of up to S$50.0 million with United Overseas Bank; also secured facilities of up to S$24.9 million, comprising term loan facility . Says funds from the banking facilities will be used for the redemption of the outstanding bonds of S$50 million .

Wah Seong Corporation updates on commencement of works for nord stream 2 project

Thursday, 11 Aug 2016 03:37am EDT

Wah Seong Corporation Bhd : Wah seong corporation - says loi was signed by wceu and nord stream 2 ag to commence mobilization of works for nord stream 2 project . Wah seong corporation - commencement of work pending the finalization of a formal contract to be signed by wceu and nord stream 2 ag . Wah seong corp-wceu and nord stream 2 ag are in negotiations to finalize the contract for concrete weight coating and logistics works . Wah seong corp-refers to the announcement in relation to tender awarded by nord stream 2 ag to wasco coatings Europe b.v., a unit of of wsc incorporated .

Universal Resource and Services updates on termination of the new lease

Thursday, 4 Aug 2016 05:34am EDT

Universal Resource and Services Ltd : Management has decided to terminate new lease with the lessee in accordance with the relevant terms of the new lease .

Mermaid Maritime says associate has secured contract extension from Saudi Aramco for jack-up drilling rigs

Thursday, 28 Jul 2016 07:26pm EDT

Mermaid Maritime PCL : Mermaid's associate Asia offshore drilling limited secures contract extensions for jack-up rigs) . Extensions are in direct continuation of the current contracts and will add approximately US$225 million in contract backlog . Performance by the company of the contracts would have had a material adverse effect on the earnings per share" . Secured 3-year contract extension from Saudi Aramco for the jack-up drilling rigs aod i and aod II expiring in June 2019 and July 2019, respectively .

Barakah Offshore Petroleum says unit received work scope for transportation and installation of riser guards

Wednesday, 27 Jul 2016 12:56am EDT

Barakah Offshore Petroleum Bhd : Unit PBJV Group received 2016 work scope for transportation and installation of Riser guards in SKO field . Value of the lump sum work scope is estimated at 38.2 million RGT .


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