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Tanah Makmur says unit received LOA from Pahang state govt

Wednesday, 21 Dec 2016 05:33am EST

Tanah Makmur Bhd : unit received the letter of award for project from the State Government Of Pahang . total contract value shall be 415.5 million rgt .refers to project for state administrative complex of the state government of pahang to be incorporated in the kotasas township.

MSM Malaysia says unit's letter of award accepted by Felda Engineering Services

Friday, 7 Oct 2016 05:25am EDT

MSM Malaysia Holdings Bhd : Felda Engineering Services accepted letter of award dated 30th september 2016 issued by msm johor, a wholly-owned subsidiary of msm .Loa for a contract sum of 18.3 million rgt under a guaranteed maximum price (excluding goods and services tax).

Tegel announces Philippines order

Tuesday, 9 Aug 2016 12:46am EDT

Tegel Group Holdings Ltd : Tegel announces Philippines order . Secured its first order into the Philippines . Says Tegel expects continuing growth within Philippines .

Agronomia SpA starts supplying supermarket chain MD

Monday, 4 Apr 2016 08:00pm EDT

Agronomia SpA:Starts supplying supermarket chain MD SpA with "Private Label" products.Estimates that the value of the orders from MD will increase turnover in Italy for FY 2016 by about 11 percent.

Scandi Standard: : Kronfagel signs lease deal, considers establishing production of chilled chicken

Thursday, 31 Mar 2016 02:30am EDT

Scandi Standard publ AB:Says its unit Kronfagel AB has signed a lease contract outside Kristianstad and evaluates establishing production of chilled chicken.Evaluates whether to invest in facility in order to reach an annual capacity of 20 million chickens in first phase.

Agronomia SpA signs lease contract of L'Ulivo di Puglia business units

Wednesday, 30 Mar 2016 05:18pm EDT

Agronomia SpA:Its consortium company L'Ulivo di Puglia scarl in liquidation signed lease contract of its two operating business units in favour of San Paolo Agricola S.agr.r.l. and Jentu s.ag.r.l, both companies of Agronomia group.Lease contracts of will have two-year duration and are worth in total 270,000 euros.

Seafarms Group (Commodities Group Limited) gets new 20 mln trees planting contracts

Wednesday, 9 Mar 2016 02:00am EST

Seafarms Group Ltd (Commodities Group Limited):Sfg new 20 million trees planting contracts.Total of $8 million was awarded across contracts with the three successful largescale providers, including co2 Australia.

Dalian Yi Qiao Sea Cucumber updates purchase intention agreement with Dalian-based sea food firm

Thursday, 7 Jan 2016 07:00pm EST

Dalian Yi Qiao Sea Cucumber Co.,Ltd:Says the co decides that no longer continue to fulfill the contract signed with Dalian-based seafood company on July 24, 2015.

Agronomia SpA starts supplying Germany's Wasgau Produktion & Handels AG

Tuesday, 15 Dec 2015 02:08am EST

Agronomia SpA:Starts supplying its products under the brand "Insalata" to Germany's Wasgau Produktion & Handels AG MSHGn.F, a large-scale retail channel.Contract with Wasgau Produktion & Handels AG could increase FY 2016 turnover from Germany of about 500,000 euros.


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