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DE&T to invest 11.75 bln won to build new plant

2:11am EST

DE&T Co Ltd <079810.KQ> :Says it will invest 11.75 billion won to build a new plant, due to expanded demand of OLED manufacturing equipment and new business.

Rorze Systems says issuance of bonus shares

Tuesday, 10 Jan 2017 08:58pm EST

Rorze Systems Corporation <071280.KQ> : Says it will issue 0.5 bonus shares for every one share to shareholders . Says it will issue 5.1 million new shares as bonus shares to the shareholders of record on Mar. 17 .Says the listing date is April 11.

Axcelis Technologies expect Q4 revenue to be on high end of guidance

Tuesday, 10 Jan 2017 08:00am EST

Axcelis Technologies Inc : Expect Q4 revenue to be on high end of guidance, Q4 EPS above guidance driven by strong gross margin performance .Continue to anticipate increased revenue in Q1 of 2017.

Roodmicrotec FY net sales up 2 pct at 10.5 million euros, reinforces outlook

Tuesday, 10 Jan 2017 02:15am EST

Roodmicrotec N.V. : Roodmicrotec sees strong sales momentum in H2 2016, order value up 20 pct year-on-year . FY net sales 10.5 million euros ($11.13 million) versus 10.3 million euros year ago .Reinforces its outlook for an increase in sales turnover of 75 pct by 2020.

Rorze to raise stake in IS Technology Japan. Inc. to 100 pct from 27.3 pct

Tuesday, 10 Jan 2017 01:19am EST

Rorze Corp <6323.T>: Says it plans to raise stake in IS Technology Japan. Inc. to 100 percent from 27.3 percent . Says the acquisition price is not disclosed .Says effective date on March 1.

ChipMOS reports qtrly revenue $152 mln and December revenue $51.8 mln

Monday, 9 Jan 2017 06:00am EST

ChipMOS Technologies Inc <8150.TW> - : ChipMOS reports December 2016 and 4Q16 revenue . Q4 revenue rose 3.6 percent to twd 4.926 billion . December revenues $51.8 million versus $48.6 million .Qtrly revenues $152.0 million versus $146.8 million.

Leed says change of top shareholder to investment association and other 1 investor

Monday, 9 Jan 2017 04:38am EST

Leed Corp <197210.KQ> : Says an investment association and other 1 investor became top shareholder of the company, replacing Aspacoil Co.,Ltd, effective Jan. 9 .Says the investment association has acquired 11.5 percent stake in the company, so the investment association and other 1 investor hold 18.2 percent stake(1.1 million shares) in the company after the transaction.

Wonik IPS changes CEO to Ha Yun Hui

Monday, 2 Jan 2017 04:24am EST

Wonik IPS Co Ltd <240810.KQ> :Says it changed CEO of the company to Ha Yun Hui from Byun Jeong Wu, effective Jan. 2.

Investment association buys 40 pct stake in Kodi-M

Monday, 2 Jan 2017 03:36am EST

Kodi M Co Ltd <224060.KQ> :Says an investment association has acquired 1.5 million shares of the company, increasing its stake in the company up to 40 percent from 0 percent.

DSK says issuance of 6.5 million bonus shares

Tuesday, 27 Dec 2016 01:00am EST

DSK Co Ltd <109740.KQ> : Says an issuance of bonus shares in a ratio of 1:1(1 bonus share for each share held) to shareholders of record on Jan. 31, 2017 . Says total amount is 6.5 million shares .Expected listing date is Feb. 23, 2017.


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