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MagneGas announces financing transaction

Friday, 15 Sep 2017 08:52pm EDT

Sept 15 (Reuters) - Magnegas Corp :MagneGas announces financing transaction.MagneGas Corp - Entered securities purchase agreement with institutional accredited investors to purchase up to about $620,000 of its series E stock.Will issue to investors a total of 36,765 shares of series E convertible preferred stock at a purchase price of $1.36 per share.

CropEnergies increases 2016/17 forecast once more

Monday, 13 Feb 2017 07:41am EST

CropEnergies AG : Increases forecast for financial year 2016/17 once more - after record year 2016/17, normalization expected for 2017/18 . For full financial year 2016/17, CropEnergies now expects revenues of 800 million euros to 810 million euros ($850.72 mln - $861.35 mln);(previously expected: 760 million to 790 million euros, previous year: 723 mln euros) . Operating profit is to reach 95 mln to 100 mln euros (previously expected: 70 mln to 85 mln euros, previous year: 87 mln euros) million for FY . Expects a record FY EBITDA of approximately 130 mln to 135 mln euros(previous year: 122 mln euros) . Main reasons for better earnings situation are spot prices for bioethanol which continue to be significantly higher than previously expected forward prices and high capacity utilization in all production plants . Cropenergies expects a normalization of operating profit for financial year 2017/18 to a range of 40 mln euros to 80 million euros . Cropenergies - normalization of operating profit for financial year 2017/18 corresponds to an EBITDA between 80 mln and 120 million mln euros .Consequently, CropEnergies should be completely debt-free for first time in company history.

MagneGas names Scott Mahoney as CFO

Friday, 28 Oct 2016 08:00am EDT

MagneGas Corp : MagneGas appoints Scott Mahoney as chief financial officer and secretary . MagneGas Corp - Luisa Ingargiola, company's current CFO, will remain on board of directors .MagneGas corp - prior to joining MagneGas Mahoney served as chief financial officer of Phoenix Group Metals.


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