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Global Bioenergies announces two milestones hit in BioMA+ project

Monday, 23 Nov 2015 11:06am EST

Global Bioenergies SA:Announces having reached two milestones on labscale development and industrial scale up of its isobutene process.Says one milestones is reached two months in advance.Says the BioMA+ project is financed by ADEME in context of French 'Investissements d'Avenir' State program.

Deinove successfully reaches 2G bioethanol pre-industral scale in a 300-liter fermenter

Thursday, 19 Nov 2015 12:30pm EST

Deinove SA:Deinove successfully reaches 2G bioethanol pre-industral scale in a 300-liter fermenter.Is confident in capabilities to provide a technological and economically competitive solution by 2018.

Deinove obtains six new US patents

Thursday, 12 Nov 2015 01:30pm EST

Deinove SA:Deinove obtains six new US patents.

Deinove provides update regarding its carotenoids strategy

Monday, 26 Oct 2015 01:30pm EDT

Deinove SA:Provides update regarding its carotenoids production strategy.Announces start of operations for manufacturing of first batches of deinoxanthin by POS Bio-Sciences.Initiates regulatory approval process of its strains, particularly in US.Trust that first batch of carotenoids can be marketed within two to three years.

Solarvest 's Nanuq Organic Omega-3 Receives FDA Approval

Tuesday, 15 Sep 2015 08:00am EDT

Solarvest BioEnergy Inc:Says it has achieved another important milestone in the commercialization of the unique 'Nanuq' brand Omega-3 products.Says the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a notification allowing the sale of Solarvest's Organic Omega3 product(s).Says the Nanuq Omega3 dietary ingredient is first product of its type allowed in the USA - a whole food nutraceutical.

Deinove SA produces muconic acid from 2G Substrates

Wednesday, 2 Sep 2015 02:00am EDT

Deinove SA:announces that they have produced muconic acid in their laboratory using second-generation substrates.

Global Bioenergies isobutene process successfully uses xylose

Wednesday, 19 Aug 2015 11:40am EDT

Global Bioenergies SA:Announces having produced isobutene by fermentation based exclusively on xylose as a feedstock.Says performances using xylose were similar to those obtained when running the process on wheat-derived glucose or sugar beet-derived sucrose.

Global Bioenergies adapts bio-isobutene process to use of sucrose

Tuesday, 21 Jul 2015 11:45am EDT

Global Bioenergies SA:Says it adapts its bio-isobutene process to use of sucrose.Its bio-isobutene process was first developed with glucose as a resource.Objective is to build and operate first full-scale bio-isobutene commercial plant to convert sugar beets into 50,000 tonnes bio-isobutene by 2018.


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