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Ashley services says Paul Brittain interim CEO tendered resignation

Thursday, 24 Nov 2016 08:44pm EST

Ashley Services Group Ltd : Ashley services - Ash Pty Limited and Vocational Training Australia received formal responses arising from recent training audits in new south wales . Ashley services group ltd - Paul Brittain (interim ceo and cfo) has tendered his resignation . Ashley services group ltd - NSW government department notified rtos that their 2016 smart and skilled contracts will be terminated . Ashley services group ltd - RTOS strongly disagree with department's actions .Ashley services group ltd - board has resolved to engage a third party to undertake a strategic review of company..

Poolia CFO Anna Ullberg leaves company

Thursday, 13 Oct 2016 09:01am EDT

Poolia AB :CFO Anna Ullberg will leave Poolia in three months.

Cross Country Healthcare CFO takes medical leave of absence - SEC filing

Wednesday, 12 Oct 2016 09:00am EDT

Cross Country Healthcare Inc : Says Christopher Pizzi appointed acting CFO .William J. Burns, Chief Financial Officer of company, is taking a medical leave of absence - SEC filing.

Ashley Services Managing Director and CEO resigns

Sunday, 25 Sep 2016 07:15pm EDT

Ashley Services Group Ltd : Ash managing director and CEO resigns . Says managing director and CEO Stewart Cummins resigned .Appointed Paul Brittain (Ash CFO) as the acting CEO.

Adcorp says Adcorp International CEO to resign

Friday, 23 Sep 2016 11:00am EDT

Adcorp Holdings Ltd :Amitava Guharoy, CEO of Adcorp International, has resigned as an executive director of Adcorp with effect from 1 October 2016.

NetJobs: Niklas Eriksson resigns as CEO

Friday, 19 Aug 2016 10:45am EDT

NetJobs Group AB : Niklas Eriksson resigns as CEO .He will remain in his current role during his notice period that expires in six months.

HiTech Group Australia appoints Elias Hazouri CEO

Monday, 15 Aug 2016 08:16pm EDT

Hitech Group Australia Ltd : Appointment of CEO . Elias Hazouri has been appointed chief executive officer of the company .

DHI Group reports Q2 earnings per share $0.10

Wednesday, 27 Jul 2016 07:00am EDT

DHI Group Inc: Company announces cfo transition . Effective august 31, 2016, John Roberts, chief financial officer, will leave company . $58.5 million . Roberts will continue to be employed by company through august 31 and will assist with transition . Company has begun a process to appoint a successor to Roberts . $237.0 million . $0.12 . $0.47 . Fy2016 earnings per share view $0.43, revenue view $240.9 million -- Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S . FY2015 earnings per share view $0.44, revenue view $256.7 million -- Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S . Q3 earnings per share view $0.14, revenue view $61.4 million -- Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S . Q2 revenue $57.7 million versus I/B/E/S view $58.7 million . Q2 earnings per share view $0.08 -- Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S .Sees FY2016 Revenues $233.0 million.

Workforce Holdings appoints Philip Froom as CEO

Tuesday, 26 Jul 2016 06:07am EDT

Workforce Holdings Ltd : Mr Philip Froom has been appointed as an executive director and chief executive officer with effect from Aug. 15 2016 .Ronny Katz will no longer serve as acting chief executive officer and will resume his role as executive chairman of board.


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