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Amadeus Fire FY sales up 2.1 percent at 173.3 million euros

Thursday, 9 Feb 2017 02:16am EST

Amadeus Fire AG : FY sales rose 2.1 percent to 173.3 million euros ($184.95 million) . In fiscal year 2016 achieved consolidated sales of 173.3 million euros (prior year: 169.7 million euros), an increase of 2.1 pct year-on-year . In 2016 gross profit amounted to 75.8 million euros (prior year: 72.8 million euros), representing an increase of 3.1 million euros or 4.2 pct . FY EBITA, group's most important performance indicator, reached a new peak of 30.0 million euros .Goal for fiscal 2017 is to exceed EBITA level achieved of 30.0 million euros despite three working days less and significant investments in further expansion of its business operations.

Crie Anabuki to merge with wholly owned unit

Thursday, 19 Jan 2017 11:18pm EST

Crie Anabuki Inc <4336.T> : Says it plans to merge with it wholly owned Ehime-based unit engaged in personnel business, effective on March 1 .Says the unit will be dissolved after transaction.

HIRAYAMA plans shift to holding company structure

Thursday, 1 Dec 2016 02:30am EST

HIRAYAMA Corp <7781.T> : Says it plans to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary based in Tokyo as the successor preparatory company on Dec. 14 . Says it plans to transfer its all business to the new subsidiary and restructure itself into holding company, effective March 1, 2017 .Co also plans name change on March 1, 2017.

CrowdWorks to dissolve SeAL Inc.

Wednesday, 10 Aug 2016 02:14am EDT

CrowdWorks Inc <3900.T>: Says it plans to dissolve SeAL Inc., a Osaka-based wholly owned unit which is engaged in crowd-sourcing and graphic business . Says the co will take over the entire business from the unit .Says effective date on Nov. 17.

Altech announces merger between units

Monday, 8 Aug 2016 02:47am EDT

Altech Corp <4641.T> : Says co's wholly owned Kanagawa-based unit engaged in temporary employee placement business plans to merge with co's Tokyo-based wholly owned unit engaged in employment placement business for engineers, effective on Sep. 12 .Says the Tokyo-based unit will be dissolved after the transaction.

Will Group unit to set up personnel placement unit via corporate split

Wednesday, 20 Jul 2016 02:00am EDT

Will Group Inc <6089.T>: Says its wholly owned subsidiary SAINT MEDIA, INC. will separate the business of personnel placement, which is engaged in fields of internet and IoT, to set up a new unit . Says the new unit will be wholly owned by SAINT MEDIA, INC., based in Tokyo .Says effective date on Sept. 1.

Trust Tech to merge unit TRUST IDEAL inc.

Friday, 15 Jul 2016 02:25am EDT

Trust Tech Inc <2154.T>: Says it will merge a wholly owned unit TRUST IDEAL inc., which is engaged in technical personnel dispatching service, on Oct. 1 .Says the unit will be dissloved after the merger.

Korn/Ferry International adopts restructuring plan

Thursday, 14 Jul 2016 04:40pm EDT

Korn/Ferry International : On july 8, 2016, korn/ferry international ( 'company') adopted a restructuring plan . Plan will include elimination of redundant positions and consolidation of office space . Estimated cost of actions contemplated by plan is between $20 million to $26 million . Charges are expected to include approximately $17 million to $22 million of cash expenditures - sec filing . Company expects to recognize these charges during q1 of fiscal 2017 . Expects restructuring actions to be completed by july 31, 2016 .Restructuring actions in addition to previously disclosed restructuring actions relating to integration of hg luxco.

Rubicor announces restructure of certain businesses

Sunday, 3 Jul 2016 08:12pm EDT

Rubicor Group Ltd : Says restructure announced today involves placing three of the group's operating businesses into voluntary administration . Group's remaining operating businesses are not being placed into voluntary administration . Companies' client services and employees are not expected to be adversely affected .


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