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Will Group announces exercise of options

Monday, 11 Sep 2017 02:10am EDT

Sept 11 (Reuters) - Will Group Inc <6089.T>:Says 4,396 units of its fifth series options were exercised to 439,600 shares of its stock, during the period from Sept. 1 to Sept. 11.

Will Group completes repurchasing 347,500 shares for 317.3 mln yen

Tuesday, 4 Oct 2016 04:35am EDT

Will Group <6089.T>: Says it completed repurchasing 347,500 shares for 317.3 million yen .Says the plan was disclosed on Aug. 19 and Sep. 20.

Will Group buys back 200,000 shares for 180.4 mln yen

Tuesday, 20 Sep 2016 09:30pm EDT

Will Group Inc <6089.T>: Says it bought back 200,000 shares for 180.4 million yen on Sep. 21 .Says repurchase plan disclosed on Sep. 20.

Will Group to repurchase shares at up to 200 mln yen

Friday, 19 Aug 2016 02:13am EDT

Will Group Inc <6089.T>:Says it to repurchase up to 200,000 shares (2.09 percent stake) for up to 200 million yen in total from Aug. 22 to Sep. 30.

Dip announces private placement of treasury stock for 250.3 mln yen

Tuesday, 12 Jul 2016 04:09am EDT

Dip Corp <2379.T>: Says it will distribute 83,700 shares of its treasury common stock at 2,991 per share through private placement to The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd . Says it will raise 250.3 million yen in total through private placement . Says placement date is Aug. 8 .Says proceeds will be used for business operation.

Gakujo repurchases 29,800 shares for 36.8 mln yen in June

Thursday, 30 Jun 2016 10:14pm EDT

Gakujo Co Ltd <2301.T>: Says it repurchased 29,800 shares for 36.8 million yen in total in June .Says this was part of the share repurchase plan announced on Sep. 7, 2015.

DPA Group buys back 9.99 pct of its capital

Friday, 3 Jun 2016 11:53am EDT

DPA Group NV : Bought 4,997,067 of its own shares, amounting to 9.99 pct of the current issued capital .Purchase takes place at a price of 1.527 euros ($1.73) per share.

Albis Leasing successfully completes capital increase

Friday, 27 May 2016 10:01am EDT

Albis Leasing AG : Completes capital increase successfully; complete placement of the issue with investors .Gross proceeds from capital increase amounted to around 2.22 million euros ($2.47 million).

Yume Technology issues new shares for 452,991,200 yen

Wednesday, 25 May 2016 01:27am EDT

Yume Technology Co Ltd <2458.T> : Says it has issued 430,600 new shares through private placement on May 25 .Says issue price at 1,052 yen per share, or 452,991,200 yen in all.

Careerlink completes off-floor distribution of 150,000 shares

Tuesday, 10 May 2016 09:16pm EDT

Careerlink Co Ltd <6070.T>: Says it completed the off-floor distribution of 150,000 shares on May 11 .Says plan was disclosed on May 10.


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