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Servizi Italia to incorporate unit Tintoria Lombarda Divisione Sanitaria

Friday, 30 Sep 2016 06:47am EDT

Servizi Italia SpA : Board approves the merger through incorporation of its unit Tintoria Lombarda Divisione Sanitaria .The merger is expected to be completed by 2017.

Mastercard says amended its amended and restated by-laws to add proxy access procedures for qualifying stockholders - SEC filing

Thursday, 29 Sep 2016 04:26pm EDT

Mastercard Inc : Amended its amended and restated certificate of incorporation to change its name to "mastercard incorporated" . Company's class a common stock will continue to trade on new york stock exchange under symbol "ma" .Amended its amended and restated by-laws to add proxy access procedures for qualifying stockholders - sec filing.

Aeon Delight to merge with wholly owned subsidiary A-LIFE SUPPORT Co Ltd

Thursday, 29 Sep 2016 02:10am EDT

Aeon Delight Co Ltd <9787.T>: Says it will merge with its wholly owned subsidiary, A-LIFE SUPPORT Co Ltd, which has been engaged in the apartment house management and operation support service provision in Tokyo, Japan . Effective date Dec. 1 .Says the company will be the surviving company and A-LIFE SUPPORT will be dissolved.

Tianze Information Industry unit to buy 60 pct stake in the co's tech unit

Friday, 26 Aug 2016 02:31am EDT

Tianze Information Industry Inc <300209.SZ>: Says its Suzhou-based information technology unit to acquire 60 percent stake in a Shanghai-based information technology unit of the co .Says the co will hold no stake in the Shanghai-based unit directly after transaction.

Nippon Air Conditioning Service announces unit restructuring

Friday, 12 Aug 2016 03:08am EDT

Nippon Air Conditioning Service Co Ltd <4658.T>:Says it plans to take over business from its wholly owned unit, a Tokyo-based air conditioner management company, or to divest the business of the unit in April, 2017.

C&S Asset Management unit to divest businesses into three new units

Thursday, 11 Aug 2016 04:41am EDT

C&S Asset Management <032040.KQ> Co Ltd : Says it unit will divest resort condo, training and reports center business into three new wholly owned subsidiaries, respectively .Says division effective date of Oct. 1 and registration date of Oct. 5.

Fukuyama Consultants announces transition to holding company structure

Monday, 8 Aug 2016 02:50am EDT

Fukuyama Consultants Co Ltd <9608.T> : Says it plans to set up a company named as Founder's Consultants Holdings Inc based in Fukuoka as co's parent company on Jan. 4, 2017, through a sole-share transfer . Says the co and co's three current units will be the wholly owned subsidiaries of the newly established parent holding company . Says the co's stock will delist from Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) effective on Dec. 28 . One share of co's stock will be exchanged with 1 shares of Founder's Consultants Holdings Inc's stock, and 4,259,200 shares of co's stock will be exchanged .The new parent holding company's stock will be listed on TSE with effective date on Jan. 4, 2017.

DH Corp Q2 adjusted earnings per share C$0.55

Tuesday, 26 Jul 2016 06:11pm EDT

DH Corp : D+H announces second quarter 2016 earnings and realignment of global operations . Q2 earnings per share C$0.05 . Q2 revenue C$424 million versus I/B/E/S view C$421.6 million . Q2 earnings per share view c$0.52 -- Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S . Q2 adjusted earnings per share C$0.55 . Company has realigned organization, in which expected gross savings of approximately $53 million are offset by investments in new positions . Says net savings are expected starting in middle of Q3 . Restructuring-Related expenses are estimated to be between $30 million and $32 million, and will be recognized primarily in 2016 . During 2016 company expects to achieve net savings of approximately $19 million of which 30% has been realized through end of Q2 . Says will begin reporting under new business segments commencing in Q1 of 2017 . "In U.S and Canada, while economic outlook is mixed, we see no new changes that impact our current business in these markets" in 2H . Says estimated net savings of $25 million in annualized compensation and related cost savings from realignment . Says restructuring-related expenses totaling $22.0 million and $28.8 million have been recorded in Q2 and year-to-date in 2016 . Says will continue to manage and report financial results for GTBS, L&IC and Canada through end of 2016 .Sets quarterly dividend of $0.32 per share.

Visa says longer term impact of brexit on Visa Europe's business is too early to determine

Thursday, 21 Jul 2016 07:06pm EDT

Visa : Visa on operations in China - working through issues relating to national security reviews and encryption standards . Says "cross border commerce from oil and commodity based economies remain sluggish. This conference call is still in progress" . "in the short term currency weakness and reduced economic growth are factors" . Visa says post the brexit vote, currency volatilities reached levels co has not experienced in recent years . Visa says had co included visa europe results for nine days it owned visa europe in quarter, it would have added minimum $12 million to net income . Visa says longer term impact of brexit on visa europe's business is too early to determine . Visa says immediate impact of brexit vote on visa europe has been on exchange rates . Assuming exchange rates stay where they are and no major economic dislocations due to brexit, expect visa europe earnings to offset interest costs from debt in q4 . Visa europe is expected to add 2% to 3% to eps accretion in fiscal year 2017 . Current tax structure results in high reported or book tax rate for visa europe's earnings, which will add 1 percentage point to tax rate in 2017 . Visa europe has over $2 billion of cash on balance sheet; based on discussions with regulator in uk, will leave cash within visa europe legal entity . Current plan is to issue at least $2 billion in debt before the end of this calendar year.

Hito-Communications to merge with unit

Wednesday, 20 Jul 2016 02:06am EDT

Hito-Communications <3654.T>: Says it will merge with wholly owned subsidiary Voice Enterprise Co Ltd on Sep. 1 .Says Voice Enterprise Co Ltd will dissolve after merger.


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