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China Packaging Holdings Development sees over 80 pct decline of net profit for 2016

Tuesday, 28 Mar 2017 11:11am EDT

China Packaging Holdings Development Ltd <1439.HK> : Is expected that there will be an over 80% decline of group's net profit for year ended 31 december 2016 .Decrease in profit was mainly due to change in fair value of contingent consideration payable.

Jia Yao Holdings says unit entered into sale agreements to sell paper cigarette packages

Monday, 27 Mar 2017 07:30am EDT

Jia Yao Holdings Ltd <1626.HK>: Hubei golden three gorges, a subsidiary of company, entered into sale agreements in relation to sale of paper cigarette packages .China tobacco guizhou to purchase from hubei golden packages for certain sub-brands of cigarette brand at unit prices ranging from rmb0.1850 per piece to rmb3.1000 per piece.

Cham Paper FY net profit up at CHF 8.6 mln

Monday, 27 Mar 2017 01:00am EDT

Cham Paper Group Holding AG : FY net revenue up by 2.1 percent to 198.4 million Swiss Francs ($200.85 million) . FY EBIT margin within target range at 5.3 percent . FY net profit for year of 8.6 million Francs (previous year: 0.5 million Francs) . To increase dividend from 3 Francs(2015) to 4 Francs per share . Positive outlook across all divisions .Leveraging potential efficiency and productivity gains should ensure that profitability remains at between 5 and 12 percent of EBIT margin over long term, i.e. within the target range previously announced.

Huajun says B&H Properties enters binding letter with Liaoning Yingkou

Sunday, 26 Mar 2017 07:29pm EDT

Huajun Holdings Ltd <0377.HK> : B&H properties entered into a non-legally binding letter of intent with Liaoning Yingkou in respect of potential acquisition .Group shall purchase projects from their respective owners or entire equity interests in target company from its owner.

IG Design sees FY profitability ahead of current market expectations

Friday, 24 Mar 2017 03:00am EDT

IG Design Group Plc : Says FY group revenues are now expected to achieve record levels exceeding 300 mln pounds .Says FY profitability expected to be ahead of current market expectations.

Reno De Medici FY net profit down at EUR 3.2 mln

Thursday, 23 Mar 2017 01:00pm EDT

Reno De Medici SpA : FY net profit 3.2 million euros ($3.45 million) versus 9.9 million euros a year ago . FY revenue 477.8 million euros versus 438.0 million euros a year ago .Proposes dividend of 0.00265 euros per ordinary share and of 0.0245 euros per savings share.

Mayr Melnhof Karton FY profit rises 8.0 pct to EUR 153.4 million

Tuesday, 21 Mar 2017 03:10am EDT

Mayr Melnhof Karton AG : To increase dividend to 3.00 euros ($3.23) per share for financial year 2016, following 2.80 euros per share (sum of 1.60 euros interim dividend and 1.20 euros dividend) for 2015 . FY group's consolidated sales rose by 4.2 percent to 2,272.7 million euros and were thus 91.2 million euros above previous year's amount (2015: 2,181.5 million euros) . At 213.7 million euros, FY operating profit was 6.9 percent or 13.8 million euros higher than in previous year (2015: 199.9 million euros) . FY profit for year thus rose by 8.0 percent to 153.4 million euros (2015: 142.1 million euros), with net profit margin increasing slightly from 6.5 percent to 6.7 percent . FY profit before tax increased by 9.8 percent to 209.2 million euros after 190.6 million euros in previous year . At same time, significantly higher recovered paper prices compared to beginning of 2016 have further increased tensions .Owing to short-term nature of business, it is not yet possible to provide a forecast for result of 2017.

China Sunshine Paper Holdings says FY profit attributable RMB123.1 mln

Friday, 17 Mar 2017 10:39am EDT

China Sunshine Paper Holdings Co Ltd <2002.HK>: Final dividend of HK4 cents per ordinary share . Profit for year attributable to owners of company for FY2016 was RMB123.1 million, as compared to that of RMB51.3 million for FY2015 .Revenue increased by 13.4 percent, from RMB3.73 billion for FY2015 to RMB4.22 billion for FY2016.

Jia Yao Holdings Ltd says Liu Daoqi has been appointed as chief executive officer

Friday, 17 Mar 2017 10:34am EDT

Jia Yao Holdings Ltd <1626.HK> : Liu Daoqi has been appointed as chief executive officer . Li Tie has been appointed as chairman and chairman of nomination committee . Feng Bin has resigned as an executive director, chief executive officer . Yang Yoong an has resigned as chairman and chairman of nomination committee .Liu Daoqi has been appointed as chief executive officer.


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