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A-Sonic Aerospace Ltd says e2-Solutions Pte. Ltd has been dissolved.

Tuesday, 25 Aug 2015 05:11am EDT

A-Sonic Aerospace Ltd:Says one of its dormant subsidiaries, e2-Solutions Pte. Ltd has been dissolved.

HYUNDAI GLOVIS subsidiary merge with Global Auto Processing Services,Inc

Wednesday, 29 Jul 2015 02:29am EDT

HYUNDAI GLOVIS Co., LTD:Says its subsidiary, Glovis America,Inc. to merge with its subsidiary, Global Auto Processing Services,Inc., which is engaged in the port processing business.Merger ratio of 1:0 between Glovis America and Global Auto Processing Services.Expected merger effective date of Aug. 1.The subsidiary will survive and Global Auto Processing Services will be dissolved after the merger.

Eimskipafelag Islands hf makes organizational changes

Friday, 9 Jan 2015 05:20am EST

Eimskipafelag Islands hf:Makes organizational changes.Operations and Sales and Services units will be replaced by Ship Management and Transportation Services units.


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