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Ningbo Xinhai Electric to dissolve sub-subsidiary

Monday, 26 Oct 2015 08:00pm EDT

Ningbo Xinhai Electric Co., Ltd:Says to dissolve a wholly owned Netherlands-based sub-subsidiary Unilight, which has been engaged in wholesale sale of lighters and gifts.

NORITZ to dissolve Tokyo-based subsidiary

Wednesday, 14 Oct 2015 02:00am EDT

NORITZ CORP:To dissolve Tokyo-based wholly owned subsidiary engaged in construction and repair of the company's products, on Dec. 31.Liquidation is expected to be completed in June 2016.

Guangdong Songfa Ceramics to dissolve Jiangxi-based subsidiary

Tuesday, 18 Aug 2015 08:00pm EDT

Guangdong Songfa Ceramics Co Ltd:To dissolve Jiangxi-based 70-pct-owned ceramic subsidiary.

Grand Hall Enterprise updates record date of water heater section transfer

Thursday, 30 Jul 2015 05:02am EDT

Grand Hall Enterprise Co Ltd:To transfer water heater section to a wholly owned subsidiary.Transfer record date Aug. 1.

Janome Sewing Machine announces merger between subsidiaries

Thursday, 30 Jul 2015 02:00am EDT

Janome Sewing Machine Co Ltd:Says its Yamanashi-based wholly owned subsidiary to merge with its Hyogo-based wholly owned subsidiary on Oct. 1.Says the Hyogo-based wholly owned subsidiary will be dissolved after the transaction.

Grand Hall Enterprise to transfer business to subsidiary

Wednesday, 6 May 2015 06:44am EDT

Grand Hall Enterprise Co Ltd:To transfer water heater section to a wholly owned subsidiary and to acquire 2,000,000 shares of the subsidiary at T$10 per share.Transfer record date July 31.

Midea Group to merge subsidiary

Tuesday, 28 Apr 2015 08:00pm EDT

Midea Group Co Ltd:Says to merge a wholly owned Foshan-based household appliances group subsidiary and its wholly owned Foshan-based investment subsidiary.Says the Foshan-based subsidiary and its subsidiary to be dissolved after transaction.

Star Comgistic Capital restructures subsidiaries

Friday, 24 Apr 2015 06:00am EDT

Star Comgistic Capital Co Ltd:A Zhangzhou-based subsidiary to set up a wholly owned investment sub-subsidiary in Hong Kong.The Hong Kong-based subsidiary to acquire 100 pct stake in an intelligence subsidiary of the company at $968,545.48.


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