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Kushikatsu Tanaka says result of private placement

Wednesday, 12 Oct 2016 02:30am EDT

Kushikatsu Tanaka Co <3547.T>: Says it to issue 54,300 shares at the price of 194,828,400 yen in total through private placement to Daiwa Securities Co., Ltd. .Says payment date is Oct. 17.

Fujio Food System buys 48,700 shares back for 125 mln yen in Sep.

Monday, 3 Oct 2016 04:06am EDT

Fujio Food System <2752.T>: Says it repurchased 48,700 shares for 125 million yen in total from Sep. 1 to Sep. 30 . Says this was part of the share repurchase plan announced on Feb. 26 .Says it accumulatively repurchased 345,700 shares for 862.7 million yen in total as of Sep. 30.

Fujio Food System repurchase 79,300 shares in August

Friday, 2 Sep 2016 03:10am EDT

Fujio Food System Co Ltd <2752.T>: Says it repurchased 79,300 shares for about 201 million yen in total from Aug. 1 to Aug. 31 . Says this was part of the share repurchase plan announced on Feb. 26 .Says it repurchased 297,000 shares for about 737.7 million yen in total as of Aug. 31.

Kourakuen Holdings buys back 1.7 mln shares for 2.295 bln yen

Monday, 29 Aug 2016 09:41pm EDT

Kourakuen Holdings Corp <7554.T>: Says it completed repurchase of 1.7 million shares for 2.295 billion yen via takeover bid .Says previous plan disclosed on July 29.

Del Taco Restaurants ups repurchase program for common stock, warrants

Tuesday, 23 Aug 2016 08:30am EDT

Del Taco Restaurants Inc: Del Taco Restaurants Inc increases repurchase program for common stock and warrants to $50 million from $25 million .Increased repurchase program for company's common stock and warrants to $50 million (raised from $25 million).

Chinese Food and Beverage proposes share consolidation<8272.HK>

Friday, 19 Aug 2016 11:01am EDT

Chinese Food and Beverage Group Ltd <8272.HK>: Proposes to raise not more than hk$309.1 million before expenses, by issuing 2.38 billion rights shares at a price of hk$0.13 per rights share . Proposes consolidation of every 2 issued and unissued shares of par value of hk$0.01 each into 1 consolidated share of par value of hk$0.02 each .

An-Shin Food Services to repurchase 971,685 shares

Thursday, 11 Aug 2016 02:05am EDT

An-Shin Food Services <1259.TWO>: Says it will repurchase 971,685 shares of its common stock (a 3 percent stake) during the period from Aug. 11 to Oct. 10 . Says the price range of shares to be repurchased is T$57.54 per share ~ T$112.65 per share .Total share repurchase consideration is T$1,287,660,755.

Kourakuen Holdings to repurchase 1.7 mln shares

Friday, 29 Jul 2016 02:29am EDT

Kourakuen Holdings <7554.T>: Says it will repurchase up to 1.7 million shares, representing a 10.2 percent stake, during Aug. 1 to Sep. 30 .Says share repurchase up to 2,295,135,000 yen in total.

Hachi-Ban buys 1.9 mln shares back for 1.14 bln yen

Thursday, 28 Jul 2016 09:32pm EDT

Hachi-Ban Co Ltd <9950.T> :Says it bought 1.9 million shares back for about 1.14 billion yen on July 29.

Ringer Hut buys 511,500 shares back for 1.19 bln yen

Thursday, 28 Jul 2016 08:57pm EDT

Ringer Hut Co Ltd <8200.T> :Says it bought 511,500 shares back for about 1.19 billion yen on July 29.


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