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Simei Media to buy three firms via share issue and cash

Thursday, 4 Aug 2016 04:13am EDT

Simei Media Co Ltd <002712.SZ>: Says it plans to issue 30.8 million shares and pay a cash of 655.9 million yuan in exchange for 100 percent stake in Hangzhou-based tech firm, 100 percent stake in Shanghai-based film and TV cultural firm and 20 percent stake in Shanghai-based cultural media firm . Says transaction amount is about 1.55 billion yuan .Says it plans private placement to raise up to 891.1 million yuan to fund acquisition and project.

Marketing Group acquires Ulysses Ltd, enters American market

Tuesday, 26 Jul 2016 04:48am EDT

Marketing Group Plc : Enters American market via acquisition of Ulysses Ltd and its subsidiaries Wilkin Marketing, Skye, Marker Metro and Clickverta . Acquisition of Ulysses to be carried out at price 4.15 euros ($4.57) per share, giving total value of 18.6 million euros ($20.5 million) .To issue 4.5 million new shares; number of shares after transaction to be 22.7 million.

Visibilia Editore sets estimated amount of capital increase for 1 million euros

Wednesday, 13 Jul 2016 01:57am EDT

Visibilia Editore SpA : Said on Tuesday its board of directors has determined the estimated amount of the first tranche of capital increase for about 1 million euros ($1.11 million) .The final amount of this tranche will be resolved by board of directors within first 15 days of September.

Shifang Holding and Aurora Borealis Investment Services enters into placing agreement<1831.HK>

Monday, 11 Jul 2016 06:07pm EDT

Shifang Holding Ltd <1831.HK>: Placing of new shares under general mandate <1831.HK> . Says company and the placing agent entered into the placing agreement . Gross and net proceeds from the placing will be approximately hk$99 million and hk$97 million respectively . Pursuant to deal co appointed the placing agent to place maximum of 241.4 million placing shares at a price of hk$0.41 per placing share .

Bluefocus Communication Group 1.4 bln yuan convertible bonds start to converse

Sunday, 26 Jun 2016 09:44pm EDT

Bluefocus Communication Group Co., Ltd. <300058.SZ>:Says its 1.4 billion yuan convertible bonds will start to converse at 15.30 yuan per share from June 27, 2016 to Dec. 17, 2021.

Hope to raise 44.4 mln yen via private placement

Thursday, 23 Jun 2016 03:02am EDT

Hope Inc <6195.T> :Says it plans to issue 40,200 shares and to raise 44.4 million yen via private placement with subscription date on June 27 and payment date on June 28.

Gendai Agency to repurchase 700,000 shares

Friday, 10 Jun 2016 02:06am EDT

Gendai Agency <2411.T>: Says it to repurchase up to 700,000 shares, representing a 4.5 percent stake . Says share repurchase up to 350,000,000 yen in total .Says repurchase period from June 13 to Sep. 30.

Holosfind to issue 3,000,000 new ordinary shares - Euronext

Thursday, 2 Jun 2016 04:58am EDT

Euronext: Holosfind SA to issue 3,000,000 new ordinary shares . Shares to be listed on Alternext Paris as of June 3, 2016 Further company coverage: [ALHOL.PA] (Gdynia Newsroom) ((gdynia.newsroom@thomsonreuters.com; +48 58 772 0920;)).


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