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Ocean algae can evolve fast to tackle climate change: study


OSLO - Tiny marine algae can evolve fast enough to cope with climate change in a sign that some ocean life may be more resilient than thought to rising temperatures and acidification, a study showed.

Hundreds evacuated as northern California wildfires rage

- Hundreds of residents were forced to flee their homes on Sunday as wildfires raged through parts of drought-plagued northern California, officials said.

U.S., Natural Disasters 12:46am EDT

Big firms brace for global carbon price rollout: report

- An increasing number of big corporations expect governments worldwide to put a price on carbon dioxide emissions to help tackle climate change and some are already factoring in the cost to guide future investment decisions, a report found on Monday.

Global Energy News 1:12am EDT

Edouard set to become first major 2014 Atlantic hurricane

- Edouard is set to become the first major hurricane of the 2014 Atlantic season on Tuesday although it poses no threat to land, the National Hurricane Center said.

4:24am EDT

Powerful hurricane Odile barrels through Mexico's Baja tourist haven

CABO SAN LUCAS Mexico - Hurricane Odile barreled into the Mexican beach Mecca of Baja California early on Monday, lashing luxury resorts and ripping trees from their roots as tens of thousands of tourists hunkered down in shelters.

Singapore's air pollution index rises to unhealthy level: government website

SINGAPORE - Singapore's air pollution rose to levels classified as "unhealthy" on Monday, the government's National Environment Agency said on its website (www.haze.gov.sg).

14 Sep 2014

A week on from flood, 150,000 still stranded in Indian Kashmir

SRINAGAR, India - About 150,000 people were still stranded in their homes a week after Indian Kashmir's worst flood in over a century and fears grew on Sunday of an outbreak of diseases from vast fields of stagnant brown water.

World, 14 Sep 2014

Typhoon Kalmaegi slams northern Philippines, cuts power lines

MANILA - A strong typhoon slammed into the rice-producing Philippine northern region on Sunday, cutting power and communications lines and forcing people to flee to higher ground, national disaster agency officials said.

Natural Disasters 14 Sep 2014

Croatia struggles with floods after heavy rains

ZAGREB - As many as two-thirds of 21 Croatian counties are struggling with flooding, with the worst occurring in central Croatia, the national rescue agency DUZS said on Sunday.

14 Sep 2014

'Dolphin Tale' hero's new home tangled in aquarium politics

CLEARWATER Fla. - The family-friendly hit "Dolphin Tale," whose sequel opened in theaters this weekend, tells the true story of a dolphin who learns to swim without a tail. The movie ends with Winter, the tail-less dolphin, helping save the struggling Florida aquarium that rescued her. In real-life, the story has not yet wrapped up so neatly.

Film, Entertainment, U.S. 14 Sep 2014