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New evacuations ordered as California wildfire doubles in size


LOS ANGELES - More residents of Northern California mountain communities were told to leave their homes on Thursday after an out-of-control wildfire doubled in size, scorching more than 100 sq m (259 sq km) of drought-parched timber and brush. | Video

Heavy rain floods Philippine capital; markets, schools shut

MANILA - Heavy rain in the Philippine capital, Manila, caused flooding in many areas on Friday, shutting schools, government offices and financial markets as a tropical storm made landfall to the north.

Natural Disasters 1:28am EDT

Mexico sends troops to Los Cabos after looting, thousands stranded

SAN JOSE DEL CABO - Mexico sent in troops and police to safeguard thousands of tourists stranded in the storm-battered Mexican Pacific resort of Los Cabos on Thursday after widespread looting. | Video

Mexico 12:58am EDT

China power plants exempt from ban on using low-quality coal: sources

SHANGHAI/MELBOURNE - China's bid to limit the consumption of low-quality thermal coal in major cities to help curb pollution will not apply to power plants, traders and utility sources said, exempting a sector responsible for half the country's coal use.

Japan vows to keep on whaling, calls resolution against its hunt 'regrettable'

TOKYO - Japan vowed on Friday to resume its whaling program in the Antarctic despite passage of a resolution opposing its hunt by the international body that oversees whales, terming the negative vote regrettable.

Japan 18 Sep 2014

Second container possibly leaked at New Mexico nuclear dump

- A second container of plutonium-contaminated debris may have contributed to a radiation leak that has led to the indefinite suspension of operations at an underground nuclear waste dump in New Mexico, a U.S. Energy Department official said on Thursday.

18 Sep 2014

North Carolina cracks down on Venus flytrap poachers

RALEIGH N.C. - Being the rare kind of plant that eats living things, the Venus flytrap tends to be thought of as an aggressor, its spiked leaves trapping insects with a murderous snap before devouring them.

18 Sep 2014

Developing world revives nuclear power prospects, but yet to commit

LONDON - Developing nations are leading a revival of interest in nuclear power, say atomic plant builders, but orders remain elusive as more safety features post-Fukushima have inflated investment costs.

China 18 Sep 2014

Obama to tout U.S. climate plan at U.N. summit

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama will highlight strides the United States has made on climate change when he addresses a major U.N. climate summit next week, senior administration officials said on Thursday.

U.S., United Nations, 18 Sep 2014

Florida scientists urge state leaders to join climate summit

TALLAHASSEE - A group of 42 scientists from Florida universities submitted a joint letter on Thursday urging Governor Rick Scott and other state leaders to participate in a summit this fall to seek solutions for climate change.

Science, 18 Sep 2014