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China to appeal WTO rare earth ruling


BEIJING - China said on Thursday it would appeal against a World Trade Organization (WTO) ruling that found it violated global trade rules with its export limits on rare earth minerals used in defense and technology products.

Japan considers curtailing whale hunt further: media

TOKYO - Japan is considering scrapping a Northwest Pacific whale hunt just days before the fleet's planned departure, media said on Thursday, as the government grapples with its response to an international court ruling against its main whale hunt.

Japan 2:13am EDT

Japan to face tight power supply in summer; blackouts not expected

TOKYO - Japan's power supply will be tight this summer if all its nuclear reactors remain shut, although blackouts are not expected as long as there are no problems at the thermal fuel plants now providing the bulk of the country's electricity.

Japan 12:25am EDT

Vermont steps closer to passing GMO food-labeling law

- The Vermont Senate passed a bill on Wednesday that would make it the first U.S. state to enact mandatory labeling of foods made with genetically modified organisms, or GMOs.

Health 16 Apr 2014

EU to host industry talks ahead of setting 2030 climate goals

LONDON - The European Commission will hold three meetings this summer on how to ensure the bloc's industries can compete in global markets while meeting goals to cut greenhouse gas emissions, it said on Wednesday.

16 Apr 2014

In green car race, Toyota adds muscle with fuel-cell launch

TOYOTA CITY, Japan/IRVINE, California - In 1997, Toyota caught its competitors by surprise with the revolutionary Prius, the first commercially successful gasoline-electric hybrid car. Now, the Japanese firm is trying to do the same with a technology that seems straight out of science fiction.

Japan 16 Apr 2014

EU seeks to cut plastic bag use by 80 percent by 2017

STRASBOURG, France - The European Parliament passed a directive on Wednesday aimed at cutting the use of thin single-use plastic carrier bags by 50 percent by 2017 and 80 percent two years later.

16 Apr 2014

Beijing says one third of its pollution comes from outside the city

BEIJING - About a third of the air pollution in China's smog-hit capital comes from outside the city, official media reported on Wednesday, citing a pollution watchdog.

China 16 Apr 2014

European Parliamentarians back measures against 'invasive aliens'

BRUSSELS - The European Parliament backed a law on Wednesday to help keep alien species of plants and wildlife out of Europe and limit their spread in the event they do get in.

16 Apr 2014

Booming demand pushes Florida to limit sea cucumber harvest

MIAMI - Florida is capping the number of sea cucumbers that fisherman can pull from state waters after booming Asian demand led to four times as many being harvested in 2013 compared to previous years.

16 Apr 2014