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Fast-spreading wildfire north of Los Angeles prompts evacuations


Firefighters struggled on Sunday to contain a fast-spreading wildfire that killed at least one person, destroyed 18 homes, closed a highway and forced hundreds of evacuations in the drought-parched canyons north of Los Angeles. | Video

Deal on cutting greenhouse gases in sight for this year: Vienna delegates

VIENNA A global agreement on cutting the use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) - potent greenhouse gases used in aerosols, refrigerants and air conditioning - seems within grasp, delegates said on Sunday after ten days of talks on climate change in Vienna.

Global Energy News Jul 24 2016

Japan to see warmer weather during August-October

TOKYO Japan will see mostly warmer weather from August to October, the official forecaster said on Monday.

Japan 1:40am EDT

At least 40 percent of Canada oil spill recovered: officials

Authorities have recovered at least 40 percent of the 1,572 barrels of oil that leaked into a major western Canadian river, but the spill is still moving downstream and threatening the drinking water of riverside communities, officials said on Sunday.

Jul 24 2016

Heavy rain in China kills at least 87, thousands evacuated

SHANGHAI Heavy rain in China has killed at least 87 people and forced thousands from their homes, state media reported on Saturday. | Video

World, Jul 23 2016

Tropical Storm Darby nears Hawaii, emergency declared

Tropical Storm Darby bore down on Hawaii on Saturday, prompting its governor to declare an emergency over a storm expected to make landfall with strong winds and heavy rain later in the day.

U.S., Jul 23 2016

California sea lion crisis lingers; falling births reported

LOS ANGELES A warming ocean is taking its toll on California's popular and playful sea lions for a fourth straight year, with scientists now reporting lower birth rates depleting the population, and masses of young animals still washing up starving and stranded on beaches.

Jul 23 2016

New gas pipelines would make U.S. miss climate target: report

WASHINGTON The United States will miss its emission-reduction targets under the Paris climate agreement if 19 pending natural gas pipelines are built across eastern states, a report published on Friday by environmental groups said.

Global Energy News Jul 22 2016

U.S. to complete key step for regulating aircraft emissions: sources

WASHINGTON The Environmental Protection Agency will as soon as Monday finalize a scientific finding that greenhouse gases from aviation endanger human health, obligating the United States to regulate emissions from commercial aircraft, sources told Reuters.

Global Energy News Jul 22 2016

Mexico to have tougher truck emissions rule from 2020

MEXICO CITY A significantly tougher rule governing heavy-duty truck emissions in Mexico will take effect in 2020, earlier than the truck industry had wanted, a top government official said on Friday,

Mexico Jul 22 2016