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Storms kill 17 in Texas, Oklahoma; Houston flooded


HOUSTON - Torrential rains have killed at least 17 people in Texas and Oklahoma, including four in Houston where floods turned streets into rivers and led to about 1,000 calls for help in the fourth-most populous U.S. city, officials said on Tuesday. | Video

Shareholders press for board voice on climate at Exxon, Chevron

HOUSTON - Progressive shareholders are pushing to add directors with climate change expertise to the boards of Exxon Mobil Corp and Chevron Corp, arguing the largest U.S. oil companies need more depth of knowledge to navigate environmental issues.

6:12am EDT

Japan nuclear regulator clears first reactors after safety checks

TOKYO - Japan cleared the way on Wednesday for a resumption of nuclear power, four years after the world's worst atomic disaster in two-and-a-half decades led to the shutdown of all the country's reactors and fueled public opposition to the industry.

Japan 1:25am EDT

Western U.S. drought might raise food prices: Reuters/Ipsos poll

LOS ANGELES - An overwhelming majority of U.S. residents think the drought that has hit agriculture in the West will lead to increased food prices, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Wednesday.

U.S., 7:22am EDT

Second sea lion rescued from California oil spill dies at SeaWorld

LOS ANGELES - A second sea lion rescued from along California's oil-fouled coastline near Santa Barbara has died at SeaWorld San Diego, where veterinarians are still caring for 15 surviving marine mammals brought in for treatment, a spokesman said on Tuesday.

26 May 2015

Fears of koala cull in crowded Australian colony

SYDNEY - An overcrowded colony of about 1,000 koalas in Australia is being assessed this week for possible ill health in a survey that could lead to a cull, raising objections from animal welfare lobbyists.

4:17am EDT

Germany emits more of most potent greenhouse gas in 2014

BERLIN - German emissions of sulfur hexafluoride, the most potent of all greenhouse gases, rose 13 percent last year compared with 2013 levels, according to data from the federal statistics office published on Wednesday.

4:15am EDT

El Nino seen bringing drought to Brazil's north, heavy rains to south

SAO PAULO - Brazil will likely experience a moderate El Nino by the end of the year, bringing steady rain to the country's main grain producing regions and sustained drought in the arid north, the national meteorological institute, Inmet, said.

Brazil 26 May 2015

World has no choice but to decarbonize: U.N. climate chief

BARCELONA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Responding to climate change in the next 15 years is the world's "mega development project", given the need to invest trillions of dollars in infrastructure, creating jobs and economic stability, the United Nations' top climate change official said on Tuesday.

Global Energy News 26 May 2015

Austria ready to sue over subsidized nuclear plants: minister

VIENNA - Austria will take legal action to block any subsidized nuclear power plants in an effort to discourage use of the technology in Europe and scare off investors, the country's environment minister, Andrae Rupprechter, said in a newspaper interview.

3:14am EDT