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Some areas in flooded South Carolina facing second deluge


COLUMBIA, S.C. - South Carolina's governor warned on Thursday that several coastal areas were about to be hit by a second round of major flooding, while residents inland hauled soaked furniture and appliances from homes left in ruins by unprecedented rainfall. | Video

China says must make $315 billion - $630 billion green investments per year

LIMA - China must make green investments of between 2 trillion and 4 trillion yuan ($315-630 billion) per year over the next five years, but the government can only cover 15 percent of that, China's central bank deputy governor, Yi Gang, said on Thursday.

China 7:13pm EDT

California oversight of oil well injection sites inadequate: state review

SAN FRANCISCO - California's oversight of wells where oil companies dispose of wastewater brought to the surface is hindered by inadequate staffing and poorly organized paper records, a state review of the program said Thursday.

U.S., 6:13pm EDT

Bank of England head rebuts critics of his global warming remarks

LIMA - Bank of England Governor Mark Carney struck back on Thursday at critics of his recent remarks about the effect of climate change, saying it has real effects on the insurance industry, which the central bank regulates.

7:57pm EDT

Poaching threatens Mali's rare desert elephants: U.N. mission

DAKAR - About a fifth of Mali's rare desert elephants have been killed this year as ivory poachers exploit a security vacuum in the country's north, the United Nations said on Thursday.

6:26pm EDT

Collision course with a hurricane: How doomed U.S. ship met its end

NEW YORK/MIAMI - The ill-fated U.S.-flagged El Faro cargo ship sunk by Hurricane Joaquin was sailing at near full speed into the center of the storm before it lost propulsion amid mountainous waves and brutal winds, according to ship tracking data.

Natural Disasters, U.S. 6:04pm EDT

NJ's Governor Christie takes sand dune fight to court

NEW YORK - New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's administration on Thursday went to court in an effort to seize beach front property owned by the city of Margate in order to complete an Atlantic coastline storm protection system of sand dunes.

U.S. 6:53pm EDT

Guatemala landslide death toll tops 220; another 350 missing

GUATEMALA CITY - At least 220 bodies have been recovered after a massive landslide buried part of a town in Guatemala last week while about 350 people are missing, national disaster agency Conred said on Thursday.

World 4:35pm EDT

EU heating strategy draft favors renewables and district heating

PARIS - The European Commission is working on a strategy to reduce energy wasted in heating homes and offices, prompting concern among utilities which fear it will reduce their power sales.

Global Energy News 1:17pm EDT

Flint will return to Detroit water system due to lead concerns

DETROIT - Flint will resume getting water from Detroit, officials said on Thursday, a week after the Michigan city confirmed that children were showing elevated levels of lead since it began using water from a nearby river.

U.S., 12:59pm EDT