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No debt relief for Greece, Germany's deputy finance minister says


BERLIN Greece must not be granted a "bail in" that would involve creditors taking a loss on their loans, Germany's deputy finance minister said in an interview broadcast on Sunday, reiterating the German government's opposition to debt relief for Athens.

Euro zone economy: real recovery or another Sirens' song?

LONDON Over the years, euro zone economic growth has been a bit like the Sirens in Homer's Odyssey: singing a song of promise, only to end up pulling you onto the rocks. Will it be different this time?

4:07am EST

Scottish Labour rules out platform with Conservatives to fight independence

EDINBURGH Scottish Labour would not join forces with the Conservatives in a joint campaign to defend the United Kingdom if Scotland held a second independence referendum, leader Kezia Dugdale has said.

Feb 25 2017

Northern Ireland leader says rivals may force return to London rule

OMAGH, Northern Ireland Irish nationalists may force a prolonged collapse of Northern Ireland's devolved government and a return to direct rule from London if they cannot agree a new government with unionists, the leader of the British province said on Friday.

Feb 24 2017

EU ministers 'bracing for battle' on carbon market reform

BRUSSELS EU environment ministers are bracing for a tough debate on Tuesday to find a compromise on reforms to the carbon market, EU sources said, with nations split over how to balance climate ambitions with protection for energy-intensive industry.

Feb 24 2017

Commentary: Italy - splitting into oblivion

As an attention-commanding headline, "Italian Left Party Splits" ranks with "Showers expected in London." Splitting is what left parties in Italy do. Their leading figures find a point of principle, or a personal grudge masquerading as one, and use it as a way to leave comrades they have come to hate, to found a party composed of other comrades they have not come to hate yet.

Feb 24 2017

On visit to London, Peugeot boss offers reassuring words on Vauxhall plants

LONDON The head of French carmaker PSA played down the threat to British factories when he discussed the potential takeover of GM's European operations with union officials and politicians in London on Friday.

Feb 24 2017

Germany says unsure of Trump trade stance, but keen for U.S. talks

BERLIN Germany does not yet have a full picture of the approach U.S. President Donald Trump's administration is taking on foreign, security and trade policy but is keen to engage with Washington on these issues, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Friday.

Feb 24 2017

Local election results mark peak for Theresa May

LONDON (Reuters Breakingviews) - British voters tend to view parliamentary by-elections as an opportunity to express their displeasure with the sitting government. So the ruling Conservative Party’s victory over rival Labour in the northwestern constituency of Copeland is an impressive endorsement of Prime Minister Theresa May. It might also mark the peak of her popularity. Her reluctance to call an early election could prove a mistake.

Feb 24 2017

May's Conservatives gain UK parliament seat as rivals suffer setbacks

STOKE-ON-TRENT/WHITEHAVEN, England British Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservatives secured a landmark victory in a parliamentary by-election on Friday, strengthening her hand ahead of Brexit negotiations as her rivals suffered damaging setbacks.

Feb 24 2017

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EU relieved but wary after Trump endorses it as 'wonderful'

BRUSSELS When Donald Trump called the European Union "wonderful" and said he was "totally in favor of it", some Brussels officials feared the headline was a hoax, given the U.S. president's earlier apparent disdain for the bloc. | Video

Safran rejects TCI Fund Management's criticism of Zodiac Aero bid

PARIS France's Safran on Thursday rejected criticism by a UK hedge fund over a proposed $9 billion offer for Zodiac Aerospace and pledged to stand firm as a spat intensified over plans to create the world's third-largest aerospace supplier.


Bottega Veneta plays in Milan an ode to rigor and elegance

MILAN Italian fashion house Bottega Veneta composed an ode to sharp, rigorous yet elegant shapes on its Milan catwalk on Saturday, in its first true combined men and women's show.

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