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Pakistan seeks Facebook meeting, threatens action over blasphemy


ISLAMABAD Pakistan will punish social media companies that fail to take action against online blasphemy, the interior minister said on Wednesday, adding that he had requested a meeting with Facebook.

EU's Vestager says analyzing Facebook reply to WhatsApp probe

BRUSSELS EU antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager said on Wednesday she was reviewing Facebook's response to charges the U.S. social network provided misleading information during its bid for messaging service WhatsApp which may result in a hefty fine for the company.

Tech, Mar 22 2017

Instagram says advertising base tops one million businesses

SAN FRANCISCO Instagram is expected to announce on Wednesday that it has reached more than 1 million monthly active advertisers, as the Facebook Inc-owned photo-sharing app tries to become a center of online commerce.

Tech, Mar 22 2017

Myanmar praises China for suspending rebels' bank account

YANGON Myanmar's government praised China on Wednesday for suspending a Chinese bank account used by ethnic rebels fighting Myanmar troops, in a move to prevent potential damage to diplomatic ties.

World, China, Myanmar, Twitter Mar 22 2017

EU authorities demand changes from Facebook, Google, Twitter

BRUSSELS Social media companies Facebook Inc, Alphabet Inc and Twitter Inc will have to amend their terms of service for European users within a month or face the risk of fines, a European Commission official said on Friday. | Video

Tech, Twitter Mar 17 2017

Vietnam urges firms to stop YouTube and Facebook ads in protest over 'fake content'

HANOI Vietnam on Thursday called on all companies doing business there to stop advertising on YouTube, Facebook and other social media until they find a way to halt the publication of "toxic" anti-government information.

World, Tech, Mar 16 2017

Apple, Google, Facebook skip legal challenge to new travel ban

SAN FRANCISCO Apple Inc, Alphabet Inc's Google and Facebook Inc are among more than 60 technology companies that appear to have backed away from the legal fight against U.S. President Donald Trump's controversial travel ban, deciding not to put their weight behind a lawsuit seeking to block the second version of his executive order.

Politics, Election 2016, Tech, Mar 15 2017

Lawmakers grill U.S. military leaders over nude photo sharing scandal

WASHINGTON U.S. Senators grilled the Navy and the Marine Corps' top leaders on Tuesday amid a growing scandal involving a private Facebook group and its surreptitious distribution of explicit images of women in the armed forces - often with obscene, misogynist commentary. | Video

U.S., Mar 14 2017

Germany plans to fine social media sites over hate speech

BERLIN Germany plans a new law calling for social networks like Facebook to remove slanderous or threatening online postings quickly or face fines of up to 50 million euros ($53 mln).

Tech, Mar 14 2017

Facebook bars developers from using data for surveillance

SAN FRANCISCO Facebook Inc barred software developers on Monday from using the massive social network's data to create surveillance tools, closing off a process that had been exploited by U.S. police departments to track protesters

Tech, Mar 13 2017