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Gay Marriage


Slovenia allows same-sex marriage, but not adoption

LJUBLJANA Slovenia permitted same-sex marriages for the first time from Friday under a law giving gay couples largely the same rights as heterosexuals though barring them from jointly adopting children.


Cherokee Attorney General rules gay marriage bans unconstitutional

The Cherokee Nation's Attorney General has issued an opinion declaring bans on same-sex marriage to be in violation of their tribal constitution, documents show.

U.S., Dec 12 2016

Mexican congressional committee rejects Pena Nieto's bid to legalize gay marriage

MEXICO CITY A Mexican congressional committee on Wednesday voted to reject a bid by President Enrique Pena Nieto to legalize gay marriage in the country, marking a setback for the president and gay rights in the traditionally conservative country.

World, Mexico, Nov 10 2016

Australia turns down national vote on same-sex marriage

SYDNEY Australia's bid to hold a national vote on whether to legalize same-sex marriage was defeated on Monday in the upper house of parliament, or Senate, potentially delaying legal unions for years.

World, Australia, Nov 07 2016

German EU commissioner accused of racism after remarks about Chinese

BERLIN Germany's EU commissioner has tried to play down remarks about Chinese and gay marriage that critics described as clearly racist and discriminatory.

World, Germany, Oct 30 2016

French anti-gay marriage protesters march to revive issue before polls

PARIS Thousands of opponents of gay marriage took to the streets of Paris on Sunday to defend their vision of family values, hoping to revive the issue in political debates ahead of next year's presidential election.

World, Oct 16 2016