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EU strikes compromise to set new climate target

BRUSSELS - European Union leaders struck a deal on a new target to cut carbon emissions out to 2030, calling it a new global standard but leaving critics warning that compromises had undermined the fight against climate change.

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Siemens sees catch-up with rivals beginning in 2018

22 Oct 2014

FRANKFURT - German engineering group Siemens may need until 2018 before it can start to catch up with major rivals in terms of sales growth, its chief executive told a German magazine.

Portugal could block EU climate deal over connection target

22 Oct 2014

BRUSSELS - Portugal warned on Wednesday it could block an EU plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions if other states at a summit this week reject a binding target for building cross-border power cables and pipelines.

U.S. Arctic envoy looks to 1970s New York for inspiration

21 Oct 2014

WASHINGTON - As he contemplates dealing with crumbling shores, melting ice and other changes in the rapidly changing Arctic, Admiral Robert Papp looks back at the rough and tumble New York City of the 1970s for inspiration.

Brazil protects giant swathe of Amazon rainforest

21 Oct 2014

SAO PAULO - The Brazilian government said on Tuesday it has put an environmentally rich area of the Amazon rainforest under federal protection, creating a reserve larger than the U.S. state of Delaware.

Factbox: China's reform tally since November 2013 policy meeting

21 Oct 2014

BEIJING - China's leadership unveiled a blueprint for some of the most comprehensive economic and social reforms in nearly 30 years in November 2013.

Exxon Mobil Corp $94.11 +1.05%
Chevron Corp $116.19 +1.92%
Schlumberger NV $98.26 +2.36%


Commodities Chart
LIGHT CRUDE CON1 83.25 +0.10 +0.12%
NATURAL GAS CON1 3.60 -0.03 -0.72%
100 OZ GOLD MAR4 1,229.40 +0.90 +0.07%
SILVER 5000 CON1 17.17 -0.07 -0.42%
HG COPPER CON1 3.05 +0.03 +0.91%
CORN CON1 361.00 +1.25 +0.35%