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U.S. government says Obamacare could affect up to 29 percent of taxpayers


WASHINGTON - The Obama administration estimates that up to 29 percent of U.S. taxpayers could have to take the law known as Obamacare into account as they complete their 2014 income tax returns, officials said on Wednesday.

Some Obamacare insurers discriminate against AIDS patients: study

NEW YORK - Some insurers selling policies under Obamacare may be structuring drug coverage in a way that dissuades people with HIV-AIDS from becoming their customers, according to a study published on Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine.

28 Jan 2015

U.S. says 9.5 million people enroll for 2015 Obamacare insurance

- More than 9.5 million people have signed up for 2015 individual health insurance on the new exchanges created under the national healthcare reform law, the U.S. government said on Tuesday, a number that surpasses its enrollment target for the year.

U.S., Health 27 Jan 2015

Indiana agrees to expand Medicaid under Obamacare

WASHINGTON - Indiana on Tuesday became the 28th U.S. state to agree to expand the Medicaid program for the poor under President Barack Obama's healthcare reform law, a move that will extend health coverage to 350,000 low-income state residents, the administration said.

Health, U.S. 27 Jan 2015

CBO lowers cost forecast for Obamacare's insurance subsidies

WASHINGTON - Obamacare will cost 7 percent less than expected over the next decade for federal subsidies to help lower-income people pay for private health insurance, congressional researchers said on Monday.

26 Jan 2015

Ohio sues over Obamacare taxes on state, local governments

- The state of Ohio filed a lawsuit on Monday that claims Obamacare tax assessments against state and local governments for public employee health plans are unconstitutional.

26 Jan 2015

Siemens names new healthcare bosses, power head goes

MUNICH, Germany - German industrial group Siemens announced a major reshuffle of its management board on Monday, appointing a new team to run its healthcare business and saying the chief of its struggling power and gas unit would leave this week.

26 Jan 2015

U.S. top court rules for employer in retiree benefits fight

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday sided with a company that amended a collective bargaining agreement to force retirees to pay toward healthcare costs, throwing out a lower-court ruling that favored the former employees who objected to the change.

Politics, U.S. 26 Jan 2015

Costly, complex headache treatment on the rise

(Reuters Health) – Contrary to most treatment guidelines for uncomplicated headaches, doctors are ordering expensive scans and referring patients to specialists more often, racking up unnecessary healthcare costs, a new study finds.

22 Jan 2015

Nebraska hospital releases patient found not to have Ebola

- A Nebraska hospital on Thursday announced it has discharged an American healthcare worker who was at high risk for the Ebola virus while working in Sierra Leone but who did not develop the disease.

22 Jan 2015


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