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Obamacare foe Ted Cruz to sign up for coverage under the plan


WASHINGTON - Republican Senator Ted Cruz, who has vowed to repeal "every word" of Obamacare if elected president next year, will soon be signing up for coverage under the plan.

Humana says previously disclosed DOJ query involves other companies

NEW YORK - Humana Inc, one of the largest U.S. providers of Medicare Advantage healthcare plans for older people, said on Tuesday that it believes a previously disclosed government query for information is part of a wider review involving many healthcare companies.

24 Mar 2015

Obamacare subsidies likely expanded insurance coverage: report

WASHINGTON - Early evidence suggests that the tax credit subsidies at the core of President Barack Obama's healthcare reform law likely helped expand U.S. health insurance coverage last year, Congress's non-partisan research arm said on Monday.

U.S., Health, Politics 23 Mar 2015

Tenet in deal to create largest outpatient surgery provider

- Tenet Healthcare Corp on Monday said it would become the largest U.S. provider of outpatient surgery services through a joint venture with United Surgical Partners International and expects to fully own the company within five years. | Video

Deals, Health 23 Mar 2015

U.S. hospitals' uncompensated care fell by $7.4 billion in 2014: government

NEW YORK - The costs of caring for the uninsured at U.S. hospitals fell by an estimated $7.4 billion in 2014 due to the expansion of healthcare to millions of people under Obamacare, according to a government report released on Monday.

U.S., Health 23 Mar 2015

Two more U.S. healthcare workers repatriated for Ebola monitoring

- The last two members of a group of U.S. healthcare workers whose colleague is being treated for the Ebola virus returned on Wednesday from Sierra Leone to the United States, where they are being monitored for possible exposure to the deadly virus.

U.S., Health, Africa 19 Mar 2015

U.S. Republican budget cuts social spending, boosts military

WASHINGTON - U.S. House Republicans on Tuesday proposed higher defense spending and deep cuts to social services including healthcare for the poor in an aggressive new budget plan that seeks to eliminate deficits by 2024.

Politics, U.S. 17 Mar 2015

Doctors not trained to spot sex trafficking victims

(Reuters Health) - Most healthcare providers aren't trained to recognize victims of sex trafficking - and many don't realize that's a problem, according to a new study.

16 Mar 2015

Transgender people face discrimination in healthcare

(Reuters Health) - Many transgender men face discrimination in U.S. healthcare settings, according to a new study.

13 Mar 2015

NIH center to admit U.S. healthcare worker with Ebola

- The U.S. National Institutes of Health will admit to its hospital on Friday a U.S. healthcare worker who tested positive for the Ebola virus while working in Sierra Leone.

Health, U.S. 12 Mar 2015


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