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Investment Forward

All this week, big money managers and policy makers share their thoughts on the global economic outlook and how world events will impact the markets and flow of investment dollars in 2013. More news from the Reuters Global Investment Outlook Summit

Marc Lasry on why hedge funds abandoned Obama

Avenue Capital Group's Marc Lasry explains why many in his industry declined to back President Obama leading up to the election. Lasry did support the president.   Video | Full Article 


Market giant Dan Fuss sees no bond bubble

Dan Fuss, Vice Chairman of Loomis, Sayles & Company and called by some, “The Real Bond King,” tells Reuters’ Jennifer Ablan that a bond bubble is unlikely and argues, instead, that it is simply a very strong market.  Video | Full Article 


A way out of the mortgage mess, finally?

The man behind the plan to use eminent domain to take over underwater mortgages says pressure is building for the federal government to solve the housing crisis. He tells Reuters' Matthew Goldstein the White House should release decisive policy within the next six months.  Video | Full Article 


Short seller Carson Block considers hedge fund

The founder of Muddy Waters Research tells Reuters that starting a short-only hedge fund is something his firm has thought about. He also discusses how he's been able to uncover fraud in China and if it's time to short Apple.   Video | Full Article 


Economist Kaufman calls for breakup of banks

Henry Kaufman, the famed "Dr. Doom" of the 80s, reflects on the origins of the fiscal cliff, offers his opinion on Ben Bernanke's performance, and says now is the time to break up the big banks.  Video | Full Article 


FBI: Only reached tip of iceberg on insider trading

FBI agents assigned to sniff out insider trading say they experienced a lull in cases this year because of a slowdown in M&A activity. But they say there is plenty of work ahead and that evolving technology brings new cases.   Video | Full Article 


Occupy Wall St leader keeps heat on politicians

Cathy O’Neil, touted as one of Occupy Wall Street’s spiritual leaders, says she’ll be lobbying against any move to make Erskine Bowles the next Treasury Secretary. She also explains Occupy’s 2013 plans.  Video | Full Article 


"Macro Thinkers" no magic bullet for big returns

Hiring high-profile economists is all the rage these days with U.S. money managers. Is this a commitment to big thinking or simply a case of managers looking for a famous name to justify their moves to investors?  Full Article