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Netanyahu vows to complete Gaza tunnels destruction


GAZA/JERUSALEM - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, facing international alarm over a rising civilian death toll in Gaza, said on Thursday he would not accept any ceasefire that stopped Israel completing the destruction of militants' infiltration tunnels. | Video

Fifth tanker of Iraqi Kurdish oil loading in Turkey

ISTANBUL - The fifth cargo of crude oil from Iraqi Kurdistan was loading at Turkey's Mediterranean port of Ceyhan on Thursday and was scheduled to set sail on Friday, Turkish energy officials said.

World, Turkey, Iraq 1:26pm EDT

Iraqi Shi'ite militias use hit lists to pick off foes: police

BAGHDAD - Iraqi Shi'ite militias have drawn up hit lists of suspected Sunni insurgents to be kidnapped, executed and hung in public, security and police officials said, raising the stakes in a sectarian war tearing the country apart.

World, Iraq 12:12pm EDT

With Mideast in turmoil, Palestinians feel less backing

BEIRUT/CAIRO - With the Middle East ablaze with multiple crises, Palestinians are getting less Arab support than before in their latest battle with Israel in Gaza. There may have been more solidarity on the streets of Paris and New York than in Cairo or Beirut.

World, Israel 11:52am EDT

Israel, Palestinians locked in vicious circle of Gaza wars

LONDON - When Israel ended its 38-year occupation of the Gaza Strip by withdrawing settlers in 2005, then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon hailed it as a "disengagement" from conflict with Palestinians in the densely populated coastal enclave.

World, Israel 11:30am EDT

Under fire and out of cash, U.N. overwhelmed by Gaza crisis

GAZA/JERUSALEM - The United Nations in Gaza is struggling to withstand a flood of almost a quarter of a million refugees into shelters that have repeatedly come under Israeli fire.

World, United Nations, Israel 11:22am EDT

Turks abroad begin voting in landmark presidential election

BERLIN - Turks in Germany streamed into Berlin's Olympic stadium on Thursday, seizing the chance to vote from abroad for the first time in an election Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan hopes will make him Turkey's first directly-elected president.

World, Germany, Turkey 10:53am EDT

Stop-start Afghan vote audit gets green light, but troubles remain

KABUL - The mammoth task of auditing eight million votes cast in the second round of Afghanistan's presidential election will restart on Saturday, the electoral commission said on Thursday, but disputes still hang over the process.

World powers must hold Israel accountable: U.N. rights boss

GENEVA - The United Nations' senior human rights official said on Thursday she believed Israel was deliberately defying international law in its military offensive in Gaza and that world powers should hold it accountable for possible war crimes.

Temporary ceasefire in Tripoli, 75 bodies found in Benghazi

BENGHAZI/TRIPOLI - Rival Libyan militias fighting for control of Tripoli's airport agreed to a temporary ceasefire on Wednesday to allow firefighters to try to control a huge blaze at a fuel depot hit by a rocket.

World, United Nations, Libya 5:48am EDT

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