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Germany bets on second time lucky with migrant workers

GESCHER, Germany As Germany struggles to absorb more than a million migrants from the Middle East and Africa, the government is hoping to avoid the mistakes it made half a century ago when it brought in a generation of guest workers from Turkey.


African migrants fear for future as Italy struggles with surge in arrivals Jul 18 2017

VENICE, Italy (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Three years after he risked his life crossing the Mediterranean Sea from Libya to Italy on a small boat crammed with migrants, 22-year-old Sow Muhammed can hardly believe his luck.


EU effort to halt migrants founders in Libya's chaos Jun 26 2017

TRIPOLI When Libya's coastguard received the first of a long-awaited batch of patrol boats from Italy last month, two of the four vessels still had mechanical problems and one broke down on the way to Tripoli.


'Refugee city' Barcelona puts work for young migrants on the menu Jun 20 2017

BARCELONA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When Dominican migrant Angel Méndez moved to Barcelona two years ago and couldn’t find a job, his future looked bleak.

Danish 'sex ambulance' seeks to protect sex workers but migrant women at risk May 18 2017

COPENHAGEN (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In a dark tunnel in Copenhagen's red light district on a freezing night, Annika gasped for air as the stranger who agreed to pay her for sex started suffocating her with his bare hands.


Forgiven for migrant crisis, Merkel in pole position for fourth term May 15 2017

BERLIN A stunning election win for Angela Merkel's conservatives in Germany's most populous state is the strongest sign yet that voters have forgiven the chancellor for her open-door migrant policy and are set to hand her four more years in power.


Italy lags on migrant returns as arrival numbers jump Mar 06 2017

CARRARA, Italy Italy is promising to send more migrants who do not qualify for asylum back home, either by force or with their consent, as a fourth year of mass arrivals of migrants by sea began at a record-setting pace.

Penniless and alone, migrant children in Serbia sell sex to survive Feb 22 2017

(This version of the Feb. 16 story corrects the currency in paragraph four)

By migrants for migrants: The new faces of Italian media Jan 27 2017

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Kilap Gueye and Abdellatif Yakoubou arrived in Italy at two very different moments in history.

Europol to 'look again' at worst migrant drowning of 2016 Dec 06 2016

LONDON The head of Europe's police agency said it would "look again" at the largest migrant shipwreck in the Mediterranean this year after an investigation by Reuters and BBC Newsnight exposed a gap in the response by law enforcement.