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Natural Disasters

Storm dumps snow, rain on U.S. Northeast; search on for Georgia toddler


A powerful storm that killed at least 21 people in the southern United States over the weekend brought snow, heavy rain and gusty winds to the Northeast on Tuesday as searchers combed Georgia tornado wreckage for a missing toddler. | Video

Powerful quake strikes off Papua New Guinea, tsunami alert wound back

SYDNEY A 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck off Papua New Guinea (PNG) on Sunday, but there were no reports of casualties or damage after a potential tsunami did not occur.

World, Jan 22 2017

Pre-dawn tornado kills four in Mississippi, causes widespread damage

A powerful tornado struck southern Mississippi before dawn on Saturday, killing four people and causing widespread property damage, state and local officials said as they warned residents to brace for a second round of severe storms. | Video

U.S., Environment Jan 21 2017

Chile declares state of emergency due to massive wildfires

SANTIAGO Chile declared a state of emergency on Friday as more than a dozen wildfires that have scorched nearly 50,000 hectares (123,500 acres) threatened to encroach on towns, factories and vineyards.

Environment, Jan 20 2017

Spate of strong earthquakes hit snowbound central Italy, one dead

ROME A series of strong earthquakes hit snowbound central Italy on Wednesday, a region devastated by deadly tremors last year, killing one man and forcing schools and rail links to close.

Environment, Italy, Jan 18 2017

Rains, snow to ease in U.S. West as waterways begin to recede

Heavy rain and snow will begin to ease on Thursday in the U.S. West, where swollen rivers are expected to recede, forecasters said, after flooding that has forced thousands to evacuate in recent days. | Video

Environment, U.S., Jan 12 2017

Nepal names new quake reconstruction head, citing delays

KATHMANDU Nepal fired the head of its earthquake reconstruction agency and named his predecessor to the job in a game of musical chairs that critics say is only making conditions worse for the survivors of the 2015 disaster.

World, United Nations, Jan 12 2017

Thai floods kill 21 and hit rubber production

BANGKOK Widespread flooding in Thailand's south has killed 21 people, hit rubber production in the region and shut down infrastructure, officials said on Monday, as the military government increased aid to flood-affected areas.

World, Environment, Thailand Jan 09 2017

Pope comforts Italy quake survivors at emotional meeting

VATICAN CITY Pope Francis on Thursday encouraged victims of Italy's recent earthquakes that killed some 300 people to "rebuild hearts" as well as houses by seeking the reconciliation that can come from tragedies.

World, Italy, Pope Jan 05 2017

North Dakota governor warns pipeline protesters of possible March flooding

North Dakota's new governor warned on Tuesday that protesters remaining at the construction site of the Dakota Access Pipeline should vacate their main camp before spring because of the risk of flooding.

U.S., Jan 03 2017

China economic reforms may result in $14.4 trillion GDP, growth at 6 percent – Asia Society report

Sweeping economic reform initiated by China President Xi Jinping in November 2013 marked a turning point for the world's second biggest economy. If implemented fully, China's potential GDP growth can be sustained at 6 percent through 2020. One risk: Falling short of that growth rate could result in growth at half that projection, or worse, leading to a new economic crisis, according to a new study.