Special Reports

Insight: Brazil's slump hits job market as election approaches


SAO PAULO/BRASILIA - Many of Brazil's biggest retailers, homebuilders and carmakers are cutting jobs as Latin America's largest economy teeters on the edge of recession, a fresh blow to President Dilma Rousseff's re-election bid.

Amid U.S. air strikes, Iraq struggles to build own air force

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama told a recent interviewer he did not want the U.S. military to become Iraq's air force. But he may have little choice.

World, Iraq 1:15am EDT

Amid outward calm, climate of fear cements Thai military rule

Thai opposition activist Kritsuda Khunasen said she was blindfolded and struggling to regain consciousness when she heard this chilling query from one of her interrogators.

World, United Nations 1:45am EDT

As Venezuelan deliveries wane, allies tap traders for pricey fuel

HOUSTON/CARACAS - Venezuela's shipments of crude oil and fuel to its allies have fallen to a five-year low as a weak economy hits its ability to uphold accords that former President Hugo Chavez struck to lower energy costs for friends and expand his diplomatic clout.

21 Aug 2014

'Terrorists' help U.S. in battle against Islamic State in Iraq

MAKHMUR Iraq - Washington has acquired an unlikely ally in its battle against Islamic State militants in Iraq - a group of fighters it formally classifies as terrorists.

World, Iraq 21 Aug 2014

As Ukraine forces gain in east, focus of German diplomacy shifts

BERLIN/KIEV - After months of ratcheting up pressure on Vladimir Putin, concern is mounting in Berlin and other European capitals that an emboldened Ukraine's military successes in the east are reducing the chances of a face-saving way out of the crisis for the Russian leader.

21 Aug 2014

Syria sees Islamist threat bringing detente with West, but not soon

BEIRUT - Syria is wagering that Islamic State's push to reshape the Middle East will eventually force a hostile West to deal with President Bashar al-Assad as the only way to tackle the threat.

World, United Nations, Syria 21 Aug 2014

Insight: How aggressive lending came back to bite South African bank Abil

JOHANNESBURG - Unemployed South African construction worker Daniel isn't sure how he fell so deeply in debt. All he knows is that African Bank Investments , which was bailed out this month, kept offering him money and he kept taking.

20 Aug 2014

Ukraine rebel movement faces uncertain future

DONETSK Ukraine - The resignations were abrupt and unexpected, two quick-fire blows to a separatist movement already suffering reversals on the battle field of eastern Ukraine.

20 Aug 2014

Boehner's troubles with House conservatives may only get worse

FOND DU LAC Wis. - Glenn Grothman is a fiery conservative who wants to slash welfare programs and crack down on illegal immigrants who he says will "destroy" America.

20 Aug 2014

Gunmen execute 18 alleged collaborators in Gaza; Israel launches air strikes

GAZA/JERUSALEM - Hamas-led gunmen in Gaza executed 18 Palestinians accused of collaborating with Israel on Friday, a day after Israeli forces killed three Hamas commanders, the highest-ranking militants to die in the six-week war.