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Special Report: A family challenges the official story of a killing in Duterte's drug war


MANILA It's a Friday morning in late October, and Florjohn Cruz's body lies on a metal table at a funeral parlor in the Philippine capital of Manila. A forensics team is about to perform an autopsy on him - his second.

Italy's 'demolition man' the architect of his own downfall

ROME When former Italian president Giorgio Napolitano tapped Matteo Renzi as prime minister in February 2014, he urged his younger colleague to change the constitution in order to make it easier to govern Italy.

World, Italy Dec 06 2016

Special Report: 500 migrants drowned at sea. No one investigated

ALEXANDRIA, Egypt At around 2 a.m. on Saturday, April 9, a large blue fishing boat carrying hundreds of African migrants and their children capsized just off the coast of Egypt.

Dec 06 2016

In Afghan province, government woos allies against Islamic State

WAMA, Afghanistan Afghan authorities are appealing to local elders in the remote eastern province of Nuristan to help prevent militants loyal to Islamic State from expanding into new territory.

Dec 06 2016

Special Report: Police rack up deadly record in Philippine drug war

MANILA Norberto Maderal and George Avanceña made a fatal choice on the afternoon of October 19, the Philippine police say. The two pedicab drivers drew their guns in a slum in northern Manila and "tried to open fire" at plainclothes officers posing as drug buyers, according to the police report into their killings.

Dec 05 2016

Trump advisors aim to privatize oil-rich Indian reservations

WASHINGTON Native American reservations cover just 2 percent of the United States, but they may contain about a fifth of the nation’s oil and gas, along with vast coal reserves. | Video

Weak UK regulation lets opaque companies persist

LONDON To get an idea of how Britain allows individuals to hide behind hard-to-trace companies, take a look at Number 43 Bedford Street, a nondescript brick terrace in central London. The ground floor of the building is lined with myriad mail boxes and is more of a staging post than a conventional office. It is occupied by a branch of Mail Boxes Etc., a franchise chain that provides postal services for other companies.

Dec 05 2016

Special Report: How top U.S. colleges hooked up with controversial Chinese companies

SHANGHAI/SHELTER ISLAND, New York Thomas Benson once ran a small liberal arts college in Vermont. Stephen Gessner served as president of the school board for New York’s Shelter Island.

Dec 02 2016

Porous Texas border fence foreshadows challenges for Trump's wall

BROWNSVILLE, Texas The rust-colored border security fence starts in a dusty field on the Loop family farm in South Texas - about 15 miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico and a mile north of the southern U.S. border. | Video

Election 2016, Politics, U.S. Dec 02 2016

Iraq's Shi'ite militias could prove bigger test than Mosul

BAGHDAD In early June, two Iranian-backed Shi'ite militias under the nominal control of the Iraqi government stormed into an Iraqi military airbase north of Baghdad. Driving armored vehicles and wielding rocket launchers, they took over a building on the base.

World, United Nations, Iraq Dec 01 2016