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U.S. Supreme Court lifts stay of execution for Arizona inmate

PHOENIX - The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday vacated a stay of execution for an Arizona inmate who had sued the state demanding more information about the drugs that will be used in the lethal injection procedure he faces.

Utah asks Supreme Court to stay ruling on recognizing gay marriages

SALT LAKE CITY - Utah's attorney general asked the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday for an emergency stay of an order by an appeals court to recognize hundreds of same-sex marriages performed in the state pending an appeal.

U.S., Gay Marriage 16 Jul 2014

U.S. Senate Democrats' Hobby Lobby bill fails to move forward

WASHINGTON - An attempt by U.S. Senate Democrats to override the Supreme Court's controversial birth control ruling failed to muster enough votes to move forward on Wednesday, but lawmakers vowed to keep pressing the issue heading into the midterm elections.

Politics, U.S. 16 Jul 2014

Massachusetts lawmakers take up bill on abortion clinic buffer zones

BOSTON - Massachusetts lawmakers took up consideration on Wednesday of a bill to limit protests around abortion clinics after the U.S. Supreme Court last month struck down an earlier law that kept demonstrators at least 35 feet (9 meters) from clinic entrances.

U.S., Health 16 Jul 2014

Convicted Missouri killer faces execution after stay lifted

- The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday denied a request to stay the execution of a convicted triple murderer who says he suffers from mental incapacity, ruling within hours after an appeals court lifted a stay granted by a federal judge.

15 Jul 2014

Court upholds University of Texas affirmative action plan

- A federal appeals court upheld the use of race by University of Texas at Austin in undergraduate admissions, a victory for affirmative action proponents, one year after the U.S. Supreme Court ordered closer scrutiny of the school's practices.

15 Jul 2014

Atheist to open meeting in N.Y. town at center of prayer case

NEW YORK - An atheist will deliver the first non-religious invocation at a town board meeting in Greece, New York, on Tuesday evening after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the town's practice of opening its meetings with a Christian prayer was constitutional.

15 Jul 2014

Utah to appeal gay marriage ruling to U.S. Supreme Court

SALT LAKE CITY - Utah's attorney general will appeal directly to the U.S. Supreme Court over last month's ruling by a federal appeals court that backed gay marriage in the conservative, heavily Mormon state, his office said on Wednesday.

U.S., Politics, Gay Marriage 09 Jul 2014

College wins U.S. top court temporary exemption on Obamacare birth control

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Supreme Court gave a Christian college in Illinois a temporary exemption from birth control coverage required by President Barack Obama's health reform law, days after ruling that for-profit employers can opt out for religious reasons.

Politics, Health 03 Jul 2014

Colorado attorney general seeks moratorium on same-sex marriage litigation

DENVER - The Colorado attorney general's office filed a motion in federal court on Wednesday, seeking an injunction to suspend same-sex marriage litigation in the state until the U.S. Supreme Court ultimately rules on the issue.

Politics, U.S., Gay Marriage 02 Jul 2014