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Swine Flu

Mexico sees spike in H1N1 swine flu cases, 68 people dead


MEXICO CITY Mexico has seen a sharp jump in cases of the virus H1N1, popularly known as swine flu, killing 68 people so far this flu season, according to health ministry data.

India, U.S. researchers clash over swine flu strain mutation

NEW DELHI India has disputed U.S. scientists' findings that the deadly swine flu virus has acquired more virulent mutations in the South Asian country and rejected their concerns over how authorities are monitoring an outbreak of the disease.

Science, Health Mar 13 2015

India sees rapid rise in swine flu deaths and cases

NEW DELHI India has seen a sharp rise in the number of swine flu deaths and reported cases this year, prompting officials to investigate the cause and step up efforts to combat the virus.

Feb 13 2015