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EU mulls legislation in the fight against online hate speech

BRUSSELS The European Union is considering legislative measures to harmonize how online platforms like Facebook , Twitter and Google take down hate speech and incitement to violence, a draft document seen by Reuters shows.

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Thursday Morning Briefing

U.S. President Donald Trump accused Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's government of going "beyond a red line" with a poison gas attack on civilians. "And I will tell you, it’s already happened that my attitude toward Syria and Assad has changed very much," Trump said. When asked at an earlier meeting whether he was formulating a new policy on Syria, Trump said: "You'll see," without providing specifics. Assad told a newspaper there is no "option except victory" in the country's civil war in an

Twitter creates 'lite' version for data-starved users

SAN FRANCISCO Twitter Inc is launching a faster version of its mobile service on Wednesday aimed at people with sporadic connections or little data on their smartphone plans, hoping to pick up users in harder-to-reach emerging markets.


Britain to demand tech firms do more to tackle extremism

LONDON Britain will tell Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft on Thursday to do more to stop extremists posting content on their platforms and using encrypted messaging services to plan attacks.