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Twitter to let streaming video stars collect money from fans

SAN FRANCISCO Twitter Inc plans on Wednesday to launch a system for people to earn money by streaming live on its Periscope service, a first for Twitter and a way for the company to try to compete with YouTube and others in the search for internet talent.

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Talk of Trump pullout alarms backers of Paris climate accord

LONDON Reports that Donald Trump is about to quit the Paris accord drew calls on Wednesday for other countries to rally round the climate pact, but warnings from some environmentalists that it would leave the deal badly weakened.

EU states approve plans to make social media firms tackle hate speech

BRUSSELS European Union ministers approved proposals on Tuesday to make social media companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Google's YouTube tackle videos with hate speech on their platforms. The proposals, which would be the first legislation at EU level on the issue, still need to be agreed with the European Parliament before becoming law. But EU lawmakers have similarly pushed for social media companies to do more to tackle hateful content on their platforms.

Massachusetts college apologizes for racist tweets on hacked Twitter account

A Massachusetts state college apologized on Saturday for Twitter messages filled with racist language, anti-immigrant speech and praise for President Donald Trump that had been sent from its hacked social media account.