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Sharp frosts damage French wine production


BORDEAUX Sharp spring frosts are damaging production in some of France's most famous winemaking regions, including Champagne, Bordeaux and Burgundy, posing a threat to growers' incomes.

Food and Wine magazine picks most promising U.S. chefs in 2017

NEW YORK Some of the most promising U.S. chefs are serving their food in elaborate formats, suggesting multi-course tasting menus might be enjoying a revival, according to Food and Wine magazine which released its annual list of up-and-coming chefs on Monday.

Apr 03 2017

Captain James Cook waistcoat fails to sell at Sydney auction

SYDNEY A waistcoat owned by British explorer Captain James Cook, who claimed Australia for Britain in 1770, has failed to sell at auction, with bids far below its anticipated million dollar price tag, the auction house said on Monday. | Video

Mar 27 2017

Swiss cannabis entrepreneurs develop craving for low-potency pot

KOELLIKON, Switzerland Entrepreneurs have high hopes for cannabis in Switzerland, where business has suddenly taken off in recent months, six years after the country legalized low-potency "marijuana-light". | Video

Mar 22 2017

Of bread and wine: the world's most expensive cities

LONDON Singapore remains the world's most expensive city to live in, a study showed on Tuesday, with two Japanese cities -- Tokyo and Osaka -- returning to the top 10 thanks to the strengthening of the yen.

Mar 21 2017

Australian beer company brews pint-sized storm over same-sex marriage

SYDNEY Australia's biggest domestic beer maker has pulled off the unthinkable, driving thirsty customers away from drink after it supported a church-run debate about same-sex marriage with beer bottles featuring bible verses.

Gay Marriage, Mar 15 2017

Metal shades shimmer on BAFTAs red carpet

LONDON Despite the chilly winter, guests at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) awards appeared to ditch traditional gowns for some fun and flirty looks, with metallics, sequins and embellished dresses dominating the red carpet. | Video

Feb 13 2017

Australian wine exports to China soar as premium labels sparkle

SYDNEY The value of Australian wine exports to China surged 40 percent in 2016, industry figures showed on Friday, unexpectedly driven by sales of premium labels rather than the cheaper wines that major producers had been looking to boost.

Jan 27 2017

Melania Trump's hometown hopes new-found fame will boost trade, tourism

SEVNICA, Slovenia "First Lady" apple pies in the Kruhek bakery in Melania Trump's hometown of Sevnica in Slovenia are selling like hot cakes.

Jan 20 2017

Decades-old Madrid cafe keeps flamenco spirit alive

MADRID In one of Madrid's oldest flamenco venues, a heart-wrenching voice commands attention as arms rise, fingers curl and feet strike wooden floors to the sound of gypsy chords. | Video

Jan 19 2017