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Ethiopians mark festival of finding Jesus' cross


ADDIS ABABA Orthodox priests lit a bonfire in the heart of the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa on Monday evening to mark the eve of Meskel, a festival to mark the finding of the cross of Jesus.

Down but not out: champagne production set to weather the storm

ECUEIL, France Champagne makers will escape the harsh weather damage hitting other French wines this year thanks to an old tradition that allows them to blend new bubbly with reserves saved from past years. | Video

Sep 23 2016

Rome reopens Spanish Steps after costly restoration

ROME Rome is reopening its famed Spanish Steps after a privately funded restoration but has urged visitors to treat the 18th century staircase with greater respect to prevent it falling again into disrepair.

Sep 22 2016

Tea from a spray can promises end to soggy bags

LEATHERHEAD, England If there is one thing the British enjoy, it is a good cup of tea and one English drinks maker has come up with an unusual way of making the brew - sprayed into a cup from an aerosol can. | Video

Sep 16 2016

Holy rollers: Bishop blesses masterworks of metal

Holy water at hand, the bishop begins the invocation.

Aug 18 2016

Best looking rides on the block in Monterey this week

To bid or not to bid. That is the question when the auctioneer sternly warns: “You are about to lose the car.”

Aug 17 2016

A week of 8-digit rides (and a few lemons)

It began modestly. California car enthusiasts staged a European-style race on the twisting, tree-lined 17 Mile Drive at Pebble Beach on the Monterey Peninsula. Another local resident organized a companion car show.

Aug 11 2016

Refugee crowned 'wine queen', as German tradition evolves

TRIER, Germany A Syrian refugee has been crowned "wine queen" in Germany, winning a traditional annual honor that used to go to local young women from wine-growing families. | Video

World, Germany, Syria Aug 04 2016

Bolivians honor Mother Earth with celebration

In the Andean city of El Alto indigenous Bolivians gathered at dawn to honor "Pachamama," the goddess of the earth and fertility, on what is known locally as Mother Earth Day. | Video

Aug 02 2016

Hungary's Tokaj wine region revives Jewish heritage

MÁD, Hungary Two plaques put up in the village of Mád last month commemorate the important role Jewish families played in making Hungary's golden Tokaj wine, most of whom perished in the Holocaust.

Jul 22 2016