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Food makers gear marketing to tough times

CHICAGO U.S. food companies are tailoring their marketing strategies to the recession, trying to stretch budgets without cutting back on experiments with pushes into new areas such as online "viral" campaigns.


U.S. shoppers hit meat counters as recession bites

CHICAGO Restaurant-quality T-bone steaks are becoming less rare at U.S. supermarkets as shoppers take advantage of lower prices and meat companies try to make up for slumping sales to dining establishments.


Agri investments must help, not hurt: World Bank

WASHINGTON Growing interest from Asia and Middle East countries to lease agricultural land in Africa "is not a bad thing" but must be handled properly and in a transparent way, a top World Bank official said on Thursday.


Foodmakers tout innovation to battle imitation

CHICAGO If imitation is the best form of flattery, foodmakers are finding themselves dealing with an inordinate number of compliments these days.

Food price crisis not over: World Bank

WASHINGTON The global food price crisis is far from over despite lower commodity prices and more protectionism could worsen the situation for developing nations in the face a severe economic downturn, a top World Bank official said on Thursday.


Food inflation fears premature: World Bank

CHICAGO Fears that a move by the U.S. Federal Reserve to pump another $1 trillion into the ailing economy will trigger inflationary moves in grains and other commodities are premature, a World Bank official said on Thursday.


Economic recovery may rekindle food/fuel debate

CHICAGO The steep drop in energy prices from last year's peaks has cooled the food-versus-fuel debate for the moment, but the battle may be rekindled by an eventual global economic recovery or energy price rebound.


Constellation not focused on M&A

CHICAGO Constellation Brands Inc , which has built much of its growth through acquisitions, said on Wednesday that mergers were not a current focus for the world's largest wine company.


Panera looks to new venues in expansion

CHICAGO Debt-free Panera Bread Co is in expansion mode as many of its rivals shrink and is exploring the idea of embedding its bakery-cafes in retail stores, but the company has no plans to go on a buying spree.


Monsanto sees robust demand despite recession

CHICAGO The U.S. recession is doing little to slow down Monsanto Co as farmers show willingness to pay a premium for high-tech seeds.

U.S. lawmaker blasts China food safety

WASHINGTON The United States has "serious issues" with food imports from China and needs to do more to prevent contaminated products from entering the U.S. food supply, an influential House lawmaker said on Wednesday.


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