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NY cab driver blames attack on faith

Friday, Aug 27, 2010 - 02:04

Aug 27 - A Muslim taxi driver who was attacked with a knife says he was asked about his religious beliefs before being slashed.

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A Muslim taxi drive so willing to -- stabbing you knew all com says stage says he came under attack because of his religion's. The 43 year old taxi drive I'll mention reef. Says he was -- what he was a Muslim and celebrating Ramadan before being slashed with a knife on his neck face and shoulda used. 21 year old Michael and -- has been arrests today that the attack with charges including second degree attempted not -- as a hate crime. Story says the accused flew into the raids before pulling house and ninth. Did that tonight -- tough night. I cognitive and backed. Him right Soledad. If these side -- and what it yet I'm a -- to be felt right that. So land. And back comes from the fact it was a stunt is still obvious there. Instead I have act beyond that knife. -- blows my -- then Michael Bloomberg said police were looking into the incidents there. Which country is. It's like. It's. The attack comes amid an increasingly heated debates -- proposal to build an Islamic center and mosque. Two blocks away from the size of the September 11 Attacks on the world trade sends. However that the taxi drive -- said he did not think the attack was related. Because Steve gases prices.

NY cab driver blames attack on faith

Friday, Aug 27, 2010 - 02:04

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