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Eco-touring Sierra Leone

Friday, Oct 15, 2010 - 02:45

Oct 15 - American and British vacationers are mixing a beach holiday with working in a Sierra Leone community as part of an eco-tourism experiment set up by a UK entrepreneur. Natalie Armstrong reports.

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Trading -- for beach towels. Vacationers from the US and the UK are taking part in tribe wanted Sierra Leon. An experiment an eco terrorism and sustainable development that eighty kilometers south of here early counts capital Freetown the eleventh so called tribe members are helping build an eco resort. Using the latest sustainable technologies at the nearby small fishing village up. John -- British entrepreneur and founder and he hopes the venture would give something back to the village but the project will only work if he can convince enough people to make the trip to Sierra Leon. The biggest challenges not on the beach from the village from a coordinate the building of this community it's it's persuading people -- I only got this warm reception. Understandably. The area and that actually that's the case. Well here early on has been politically and socially stable since the end of it civil war in 2002. Perceptions outside the country have been difficult to change -- Got to Yates have to make it work and if we can get the pistons hand the tribe members here and -- -- at least double. And focus on operational this is tense times and a few hundred dollars a week -- this thing. Can sustain itself. Tribe wanted now hires thirty local youth and donates 500 US dollars every month to the village the travelers pay 450 US dollars for a week -- stay it covers student accommodation and helped fund the venture. He arrived in the duck pitch tents at midnight. Jaw dropping when -- -- might tend to success -- on the first morning sun sun was about coming out. And it was exactly like the pictures that I see on the web site so that was very positive. People -- really nice and friendly. The work includes establishing a solar tower to power and -- a small bridge and block an essential such as -- laptop mobile's phone and camera chargers. The resort the house visitors in round huts made with the technology called earth banging the volunteers -- -- -- that small amount of concrete mixed with dirt and power from nearby quarry for the foundation of the first birthday. He also hope that at this so called chop house. And if you're on -- -- -- fancy hotel and the security of data into this might not be your thing but if you like adventure. And view of our. Into nature this is a great place in the especially if you want to work. I think in unique opportunity to work side by side can get involved in real lives real people and and a beautiful country at the end of the day the vacationers at times relaxes in the local children. Played football and stretch out in panic as the sun -- Natalie Armstrong for Reuters dot com.

Eco-touring Sierra Leone

Friday, Oct 15, 2010 - 02:45

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