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Billionaire's prototype hybrid car

Monday, Dec 13, 2010 - 01:21

Dec 13 - A Russian billionaire has entered the hybrid car market, unveiling an electric and gas prototype that he hopes to be selling for less than $10,000 within two years. Stuart McDill reports.

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This is beginning -- Russia's first ventured into the hybrid vehicle market. Brainchild of billionaire owner of the New Jersey Nets becoming open could also told this Moscow Russia together and surprise people. -- -- puritan and you blew through and through reduced revamp the points not to exceed 101000 US dollars in the simplest design goes through. Cup comes in three styles with a hybrid power system combining of the -- -- to without the gas liquid fuel engines. Production process will also be a first for many many more tools being assembled onto him like late pass -- fiber and Armenian frame. The whole thing went to 700 kilograms using a miserly 3.5 -- of fuel of 100 kilometers. Expected to be produced in two -- home to -- -- production. Lanier who brutally transmittal to the first factory at 101000 caught in the past him in the second half and 22 world. -- comes as Russia's seeing increasing and pollution from traffic president but it -- trying to reduce the country's reliance on foreign. Full access to tools and easy to attempt. To -- what is.

Billionaire's prototype hybrid car

Monday, Dec 13, 2010 - 01:21

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