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Stem cells from body fat promising

Friday, Dec 17, 2010 - 02:43

Dec 17 - A San Diego-based company is breaking new ground in the field of regenerative medicine with a system that uses patients' own body fat to generate stem cells and repair tissue and organs. Ben Gruber reports.

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-- These syringes of human body that may represent the future of regenerative medicine. Once they would've been thrown away but that was before anyone realized their value. Researchers at site -- therapeutics has discovered that body that contains one of the highest concentrations of stem cells in the human body. -- -- -- It happens. Tissue in the body it's incredibly well. Easy to get out and Oakland's. And it's probably the bodies which is sort of standards it is. Stem cells have the ability to change into various specialized cell types may have been key to the field of regenerative medicine. Site -- therapeutics Marc Hedrick and Chris Calhoun have made it their mission to research the clinical uses for these potent cells. After spending more than 200 million dollars in research and development site Torre has come up with what it calls the solutions system. A machine that turns liposuction fat in to a standstill mix. The system works by separating stem cells bad to issue a specialist then reintroduces the potent cells back into the body. The doctor can easily take the source tissue like -- small amount. Run it -- our tools are devices and get the patient's own cells that can deliver right back in about an hour it's affordable. And it's the patient's own cells so they're not gonna be rejected they're not gonna get disease fair to have. And you're certainly not killing embryos are the things that -- invoke some kind of ethical or political controversy. The researchers say that with the regulatory approval they'll be able to apply their technology to repair -- damaged organs like the heart and kidneys. In the meantime they're focusing on cosmetic surgery and in particular breast reconstruction. Instead of -- implants Calhoun says doctors can now use a woman's own stem cells to generate new breast tissue. While stem cell regeneration may reinvent the breast augmentation business. Patrick in Calhoun believes that they will soon be allowed to apply their technology to repair a vital organs to help save lives. Be. Opportunity for regenerative medicine is enormous it's it's probably not even quantify what's kind of I think we're at the point where the computer age was in the early eighties and you can see how -- that industries become. The researchers are working towards a day when organ transplants may no longer be necessary. Stem cell technology may be in its infancy but Calhoun and had -- -- looking forward to reaching the next level. And river Reuters.

Stem cells from body fat promising

Friday, Dec 17, 2010 - 02:43

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