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Mexico's street vendors go solar

Sunday, Dec 19, 2010 - 01:55

Dec 20 - Roadside food vendors in Mexico's Oaxaca are re-fitting gas-powered food stalls with solar technology. It's all thanks to efforts of a Swiss solar cooking pioneer who wants to change the world one street cart at a time. Tara Cleary reports.

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The Mexicans staple. Street -- Alfredo Garcia Martinez says -- who's in the city of Oaxaca. But my -- -- uses just -- the usual amount of gas to cookies suit thanks to a soda polished stone of the technology focuses some -- using parabolic screen is covered with mirrors -- reflective PayPal. An -- -- the system can cook up to two kilograms of four and a half pounds of chicken in about two hours. This so kitchen is the brainchild of Swiss engineer Michael good it's who has worked on using soda pop for twelve years. Everybody knows this climate change. That's it was getting scars is that we have to change our energy system and and solar NG is one of them. Future energy sources so we are preparing now the future. We're so look for energy in Mexico. Approximately 28 million people use -- to supply the energy needs in New Mexico contributing to deforestation. And greenhouse gases. Well how can native go to -- hop is some menu the soda -- cooking devices such as this -- And gets in the juicy senate kitchens to small business is in Mexico. Pop says it's satisfying to see how much people gain from using the senate pot cooking too. The with the blessing on the National Mall they're producing less like everything less carbon dioxide as saving money and saving time by not using -- And he's been this many analyst doing is now I can say it would time and money with these type of technology and I want it to people at some. -- still have so much it for sale between retailers around 900 US dollars. Then not cheap but with more than 300 days of sunshine these -- Martinez believes his new system will eventually pay for itself. Harakiri. --

Mexico's street vendors go solar

Sunday, Dec 19, 2010 - 01:55

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