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Tsunami waves close in on Japan

Friday, Mar 11, 2011 - 01:25

Mar 11 - Triggered by a magnitude 8.9 quake early Friday morning tsunami waves are sweeping away homes and cars in northeastern Japan. Maryam Ishani reports.

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TV AND WEB RESTRICTIONS ~**NO ACCESS JAPAN /MUST NOT OBSCURE NHK LOGO**~ Devastating tsunami waves closing in on Japan's northeastern coast near the city Sendai on Friday after a massive earthquake off the coast earlier. After the initial wave, this second wave rolls in off the coast of Sendai moving rapidly. But it is followed by dozens more. The first rush of water washed away homes and buildings easily after being triggered by the magnitude 8.9 quake. It swept away everything in its path, including houses, cars, boats and farm building, even starting fires. Boats and cars parked in the port are washed inland. Several aftershocks have shaken buildings in the capital Tokyo, causing many injuries and deaths. Japan's metoroloigal agency has issued further tsunami warnings prompting evacuation efforts in affected areas including as far away as Taiwan. Despite frequent seismic activity, its the biggest quake to hit the country in 140 years. Maryam Ishani, Reuters.

Tsunami waves close in on Japan

Friday, Mar 11, 2011 - 01:25

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