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Three blasts hit Kirkuk

Wednesday, Apr 27, 2011 - 01:25

Apr 27 - Three bomb blasts hit the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk, leaving at least one dead and injuring some 19 others. Travis Brecher reports.

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Three bomb blasts in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk kill one civilian and leave at least 19 others injured. The three explosions went off in quick succession in three Kurdish-inhabited areas in the oil-rich city on Tuesday. Local officials said six members of the Kurdish security forces and one policeman were hit in the blasts. One resident says security isn't tight enough in the area. (SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) SAMAN, RESIDENT OF ALMAZ AREA OF KIRKUK, SAYING: "Three blasts took place in this area at sunset yesterday at exactly 8:30. We - resident of the Almaz neighbourhood - suffer for a lack of security. The blasts were coordinated and took place in succession, one after another." Kirkuk is inhabited by a mix of Kurds, Arabs, Turkmen and others, and sits on some if Iraq's biggest oil reserves. The city's status is one of Iraq's thorniest political issues - Kurds would like to add Kirkuk to their semi-autonomous region, but Arabs and Turkmen oppose this. Iraq is far less violent than it was several years ago, but insurgents still launch scores of attacks each week, mainly against Iraqi security forces. Travis Brecher, Reuters

Three blasts hit Kirkuk

Wednesday, Apr 27, 2011 - 01:25

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