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Paquin, Moyer: cherish working together

Wednesday, Jun 22, 2011 - 01:39

June 22 - Married co-stars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer say it's fantastic to work on set as husband and wife -- when they get to see each other. Bob Mezan reports.

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Life can be hard when you're a working vampire, but not for real-life married co-stars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer. The couple hit the red carpet for the season four premiere of "True Blood" and said that life as movie star is easy when you work with your spouse. SOUNDBITE: Anna Paquin saying (English): "It's a luxury. I actually get to see him. Most people who work in film or TV almost never see their families or spouses, so I consider it an absolute luxury to get to see mine at work." However, Moyer said he and his wife don't have as much on-screen time together since their characters split up last season. SOUNDBITE: Stephen Moyer saying (English): "Because we are no longer together, Bill and Sookie, I don't see her very much. I see her at home and we talk about work a little bit and then we get on our day. I miss it. We met on the show and we're used to being...literally, when we're there, we kind of get a bit excited and giddy when we actually get to do stuff together." The carpet was packed with "True Blood" stars including Alexander Skarsgard, Evan Rachel Wood, and Ryan Kwanten - who said he's off to his native Australia soon, where the show is just starting to catch on. SOUNDBITE: Ryan Kwanten saying (English): "It's slightly more underground in Australia than it is here, but it's catching steam and the people that do follow it are fervent fans and they'll do whatever they can to see it before it premieres." The fourth season of "True Blood" kicks off on June 26 on HBO. Bob Mezan, Reuters.

Paquin, Moyer: cherish working together

Wednesday, Jun 22, 2011 - 01:39

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