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Hope on hallowed ground

Tuesday, Sep 06, 2011 - 03:11

Sept. 6 - The World Trade Center site will not be completed by the 10th anniversary, but the memorial plaza will serve as hallowed ground for families to commemorate their loved ones. Kilmeny Duchardt reports.

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THIS IS THE TRACKED VERSION It's taken 10 years to rebuild a landmark that took just hours to destroy. The cascading memorial falls, completed in time for the ten-year anniversary of the September 11th attacks, symbolize hope and remembrance, and outline where two of New York's most iconic buildings once stood. And plotted in between the footprints of the twin towers, is the site's future museum, which Director Alice Greenwald says will open next year. SOUNDBITE: Alice Greenwald, Director, 9/11 Museum, saying (English): "I often say that most museums are buildings that house artifacts and I think that this is a museum that is literally housed within an artifact and that changes the way you experience it. It's more a historic site. It's walking with a space that literally reverberates with history and with what was there. I think the experience will be extremely powerful. I think there's no way it won't be deeply emotional." Curator Jan Ramirez has hand-selected artifacts belonging to victims, survivors and first responders, which aim to tell the human story. SOUNDBITE: Jan Ramirez, 9/11 Museum's chief curator, saying (English): "This is a pair of shoes that a man wore during his decent from the North tower. He is one of the 25,000 who survived that day. His clothing, It was a very close escape and his clothing and his shoes consequently bear the traces of the residues of the pulverized towers. ... He's one of the many tenants of the towers that day who probably owe their life to the fact they went down, they exited what was called the Vesey Street stairs or, and escalators that day." The Museum's exit delivers you back to the falls, which will be encircled by seven Towers, leasing office space to major companies. World Trade Center developer Larry Silverstein fought 22 insurance companies to get downtown Manhattan back to the bustling economy it once was. SOUNDBITE: Larry Silverstein, WTC developer, saying (English): "Magnificent park, beautiful area, retail, mass transit. I mean, my God, what you've got is literally a 24/7 community that's really come into its own with the completion of the Trade Center." One World Trade, dubbed the Freedom Tower currently soars 80 stories into the sky. At 104 floors it will not only be the tallest building in Manhattan -- it will be the tallest in the United States. Port Authority Executive Director Chris Ward. SOUNDBITE: Chris Ward, Executive Director, Port Authority, saying (English): "I think it's overwhelming. I think everyone is going to be really really amazed when they see how this project for so long was defined as a pit. It isn't. It is a bustling construction site. We've got sky scrapers rising all around us. We've got pavilions completed two years ahead of schedule. We have tenants like Conde Nast taking leases in One World Trade. I think we've turned the corner and the world's going to see it. I think that's a great moment for all of us." A universal symbol of past and present, developers anticipate the completion of the site in 2016. Kilmeny Duchardt, Reuters

Hope on hallowed ground

Tuesday, Sep 06, 2011 - 03:11

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